Nevada May Allow Betting on Non-Sports Events

Nevada regulators recently reversed rules restricting bets on non-sports events, paving the way for sports books to start betting on things like the person who will win the Oscar for best picture or the next “American Idol” winner.

Although bettors may soon be able to bet on the Oscars, will Linda Vierana Angie Demange get off Fremont Street and invest in sports books on a sunny Tuesday afternoon if they can bet on “Black Swan” or “King’s Speech”?

“I feel like I’m willing to bet on an Oscar,” said Viera, a Las Vegas resident. “I don’t know enough about sports, I know plays and movies.”

She said she is grateful that “non-sports people” will have a chance to bet on the event, as long as her salary is only $5 and not all.

Demange, who was visiting Las Vegas in Ohio with her husband Ken and six of their friends, said she would bet on “American Idol” for her favorite contestant

However, neither Angie nor Ken DeMange have expressed interest in betting on the results of this year’s Academy Awards.

“I’m betting on ‘American Idol.’ We love the show,” said Ken Demange. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

As a movie fan, Robert Schwalfenberg of Frankfurt, Germany, enjoys the opportunity to bet on Javier Bardem winning Best Actor or Natalie Portman winning this year’s Oscar for Best Actress.

“I don’t like this talent show. I don’t think I’ll hear from the same guy every season, winning and setting records. At least that’s the way Germany and Europe are,” he said. “It’s a more interesting bet for the Oscars.”

Before the Nevada Gaming Commission approved a new rule allowing sports books to bet on non-sports events on Jan. 27, it took two years of lobbying and guarantees by probabilists that new bets would be tampered with.

“It will give us an opportunity to expand our betting menu,” said Jay Kornegei, vice president of race and sportsbook operations at the Las Vegas Hilton.

By receiving nontraditional wages, sports books see the possibility of additional profits and the opportunity to compete with foreign books for some of the bets on American favorites, such as “American Idol” and Academy Awards.

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