Netherlands finally joining the trend of legalization

With the Netherlands finally joining the trend of legalization and starting regulations on the digital sector, April 1 has become a remarkable date for Dutch gambling. Before the RGA went into effect, the Dutch Online Gambling Association published a survey conducted by Ipos Research Company on Dutch people’s attitudes and perceptions of events. About half of the more than 1,000 respondents confirmed a low perception of online gambling, while another 5% were not even told about it. About a third confirmed they knew about this type of entertainment, while another 10% were slightly involved in digital gambling, and only 5% confirmed active online gaming.

When asked about the perception of the upcoming RGA, only 12% confirmed they were familiar with it. Another 23% acknowledged limited knowledge of the new regulations, and the rest of the participants were not told about the upcoming laws. Despite the low interest of Dutch citizens on online gambling topics, 71% said they were convinced that advertising in the sector should be strict and could not appear until after 9 o’ The issue of using celebrities to promote this type of entertainment also met resistance from a majority, with 59% confirming concerns. At the same time, only 2% of non-gambling participants have confirmed their intention to start after the activation of RGA, while talking about younger generations, this number tripled.

Of the 108 interviewees who agreed to an aggressive gambling state, 59% confirmed their awareness of the changes to come with the adoption of RGA. The same amount of active panther tended to play on licensed platforms, 32% had no opinion, while 9% were ready to gamble illegally. Interestingly, only 37% of those who knew about the upcoming legislation approved it as the right plan. 경마사이트

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