NBA bans John Taylor for violating gambling rules

It is the first time the NBA has suspended players for violating gambling rules since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was overturned in May 2018. Porter became the 12th player to be sanctioned by one of North America’s major sports leagues since 2018. Last summer, the NFL suspended 10 players and the NHL suspended one player in 2023.

“For our fans, our team, and everyone involved in the sport, nothing is more important than protecting the integrity of the NBA tournament, which is why John Taylor’s blatant violation of game rules is being punished the most,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement.

Potter shared information and bet on NBA games
The NBA found that Potter shared “confidential information” about his health condition with a famous NBA bettor before the Mar. 20 game. Another Potter colleague placed an $80,000 play with a $1.1 million payment. According to the league, Potter “restricted his participation in the game” to influence the outcome of the bet. The play was flagged and unpaid at the time.

The NBA also shared that Potter placed 13 bets on NBA games while traveling with the Raptors or Raptors G League teams during the three-month period from January to March 2024. Potter placed his bets using someone else’s account. 토토사이트 순위

Porter betted a total of $54,094 to win $21,965. The bet was large, ranging from $15 to $22,000. Nothing was placed in the game Potter played. Three of the bets were Farrellas and one included the Raptors.

Flag suspicious bets to work the system
The NBA did not reveal which operators the bets were placed on, but DraftKings reported suspicious activity on at least two bets in January and March. It was also previously reported that Potter was a FanDuel VIP, but when Potter signed with the Raptors, the account was closed. According to a league release, the “sports betting operator” and integrity monitoring service notified the NBA of the suspicious activity around March 20.

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