National handball team about 3km drunk driving, 8 passersby injured…a suspended sentence

In February last year, a female handball player who was a member of the national Olympic team was put on trial for injuring eight people by driving under the influence of alcohol in downtown Jamsil, Seoul, and was sentenced to probation. Criminal 4 (senior judge Lee Min-ji) of the Seoul Eastern District Court on Wednesday sentenced Kim to one year in prison and three years of probation for violating the Road Traffic Act (Drunk Driving) and the Special Act on Handling Traffic Accidents (Disinjury). He also ordered 80 hours of compliance driving lessons and 40 hours of community service. 스포츠토토

Kim, who was on the national team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, got into a drunk driving accident at around 11 p.m. on Feb. 24 last year. He drove about 3 kilometers under the influence of alcohol near Songpa-gu in Seoul, causing eight passers-by to be injured. His blood alcohol level was known to be 0.06 percent, the level of his license suspension. One in his 20s was not able to avoid serious injury for eight weeks. Seven people, including passers-by in his 80s who picked up waste paper, suffered minor injuries. “One victim was seriously injured, and the other victims seemed to have suffered from physical and mental pain,” the court said. “We considered the fact that Kim was a first offender with no criminal record, that his blood alcohol level was not very high at 0.06 percent at the time, and that the victims agreed with the victims and did not want to be punished.”

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