Mike Golick and Mike Golick Jr. reunite at DraftKings Network

DraftKings Inc. announced today that Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. will join forces to host a daily live studio show on the DraftKings Network. Starting August 28, GoJo and Golic will host the DraftKings Network weekday morning show as anchors on Samsung TV Plus and DraftKingsNetwork.com from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. The show can also be viewed via audio wherever Spotify, Apple and other fans listen to the podcast. Host Jessie Coffield will anchor a two-hour program at a DraftKings Boston-based studio.

“We’re excited to expand GoJo’s presence on the DraftKings network and reunite with his father, Mike Golic Sr, on a daily morning show that only airs on video on the DraftKings network. Gollix has the same meaning as morning sports television for more than a decade, so adding GoJo and Golic to our lineup immediately makes our viewers see and hear promises,” said Stacie McCollum, vice president of content at DraftKings. “Since its launch in May, we have continued to expand our portfolio of video products and content to provide attractive and diverse programming tailored to ‘in-on-action fans’.”

GoJo and Golic, who have 53 years of experience in broadcasting and soccer, will discuss the biggest stories of sports and culture and interview industry celebrities. Listeners can expect the rich combo to record the local restaurants they visit on road trips, discuss the latest trends in fashion and shoes, segment the game, and give them choices for upcoming actions.

“Working with my father in this capacity has always been the best thing I could do professionally,” said Mike Golic Jr. “I’m excited about the opportunity and thank you for the platform DraftKings has provided us in reaching sports fans everywhere.” 경마사이트

“Since joining DraftKings in 2021, I’ve been blessed to work for an established organization that takes a forward-looking approach to fan engagement,” said Mike Golic Sr. “Mike and I look forward to not only entertaining our fans with this new show, but also meeting them on a platform where they consume content.”

Golix will continue to broadcast shows at their respective locations in Arizona and California, occasionally in South Bend, IN, and other remote locations. DraftKings host Jesse Coughfield will anchor the show and contribute to the main story of DraftKings Studios in Boston.

DraftKings Network was officially launched in May this year, becoming the first U.S. sportsbook to launch a 24/7 FAST channel on Samsung’s growing streaming TV and video-on-demand platforms. The network is a destination for enthusiastic fans and betting companies to go all-in on the sport and celebrate the thrill of action.

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