McEvoy remained a constant in the World Series of Poker, the event has changed in many ways since his landmark victory

“The contrast is like night and day,” he says. “When I talk about 1983 now, it sounds like I’m talking about prehistoric times.” One of the biggest innovations related to the game is the emergence of online poker. Mac may be the classic “old school” poker player, but he has not resisted the changes in online poker. Instead, he has been playing the game since he went bankrupt five years ago and bought himself a computer and a cell phone.

Nearly six years ago, McEvoy was the first professional player to sign with PokerStars. Today, he fully admits to being an “online addict.” He plays games under his name and plays poker for 30 hours a week.

“I love the fact that you can sit at home in your pajamas and play poker,” he said, cutting back on live cash games and only participating in games with purchases usually over $500. “I can run from game to game and the behavior is way faster than in casinos. It’s still poker. It’s just a different kind. You have to be a little more mechanical because you’re not seeing eye contact with someone.

“There’s no doubt that playing online games has made me a better player. These young eavesdroppers all have good reasons for the World Series. They play poker a lot. They get 10 years of experience just by playing online games for six months when I was a kid. These kids are playing eight, 16 or sometimes 20 games at a time and they do it all day. I have to give credit to successful kids because I tried to be great players.”

That said, Mac Boye fully believes there is still room for players of his time to play. “Our old guys are all still good players,” he says. “We may not have the stamina of these young internet hotshots, but we’re still playing games and we can join them, that’s for sure.” 온라인경마

And Mac is about to do just that this summer. About two weeks ago, he started going on a strict diet where he got rid of all the meat, sugar, and bread to stay in top shape at WSOP. He’s already lost 12 pounds and is totally confident that his game will pay dividends with his new body. He expects to play in at least 15 events and didn’t hesitate when asked to predict how the game will play out.

“I’m going to cash in at the main event this year,” claims McEvoy, who last cashed in at the main event in 2006, which received $30,000. “I’m ready to do it. Having trained more than ever before, I’ve definitely had the experience, and I really believe that I’ll be able to make a breakthrough this year by having a healthy body.”

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