Mbappe Mom’s ‘Money Is the Best’ Declaration, “If you give me 1.4 trillion won, I’m left with PSG.”

“Kylian Mbappe’s mother Ramari has a great influence on her son’s future decisions,” French broadcaster RMC Sports reported. “She said she would make the best choice for her son first. In particular, he mentioned that huge economic gains would be an important factor.”

Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain ends in June. Players who have less than six months left can freely negotiate with other teams under the Boseman Rules. As expected, the leading candidates have been linked several times, Real Madrid. Once again, they sent Mbappek a love call.

The exact amount Real offered Mbappe was also revealed. Real has decided to pay Mbappe 26 million euros in annual salary, just like in 2022, and 130 million euros in signing bonuses, which he could have received by signing a contract. 토토사이트 추천

However, on the same day, France’s “RMC Sports” quoted Mbappe’s confidant as saying, “Mbappe has not yet agreed on his future,” and the rumor of Mbappe’s transfer to Real has subsided again.

Most of all, Hermel said on RMC Sports in France that he no longer has the 130 million euro signing bonus that he promised two years ago. This means that Real does not need Mbappe like before.

“It’s up to Mbappe to call Real President Florentino Perez now, saying he wants to go to Real, where they will discuss all that, including money,” Hermel said.

“Real is doing very well without Mbappe at the moment. Of course, I would be happy if Mbappe said on the phone that he wanted to go. But there is no madness about Mbappe in Real right now. Real will do nothing for Mbappe,” he stressed.

Real have been desperate for Mbappe for the past few years. There were a few occasions when the signing was on the horizon. But each time, Mbappe’s choice was to stay, not stay. Real had to blush several times because of Mbappe. There are relatively few options for Mbappe. Either stay in Paris or move to Real.

Premier League clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United are being mentioned, but it is difficult to lift the FFF rule. Against this backdrop, her mother Ramari, who is known to have a great influence on Mbappe, said she has not decided on her son’s future.

Lamari said staying at PSG is also possible, vowing that his first priority is his son’s interests, including money. “There is no way I feel guilty or ashamed. If I could get 1 billion euros, of course I would accept it,” he said.

RMC Sports said, “Mbappe is free to transfer to another team. Originally, Mbappe was supposed to receive 180 million euros in royalties if he stayed, but he gave up as he became a free agent. He said, “We don’t accept 80 million euros in royalties.”

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