MarkerTracks Reveals New MullahPlay Products

Cashless credit innovator MarkerTracks has announced the digital evolution of patent technology with the launch of optimized consumer product MulaPlay.

The main enhancement of Mula Play is a much more efficient and optimized underwriting process. Mullah Play works closely with the industry’s first suppliers to ensure that customers consider their true ability to redeem their credit lines and their anticipated future profitability when issuing them. This development will lead to much more accurate and comprehensive underwriting decisions, attracting more customers than ever before.

In addition, in collaboration with the Euroneet Global Data Solutions team, MarkerTracks has completely re-established the data analytics capabilities of the technology for MulaPlay, which allows us to analyze the impact of MulaPlay’s implementation on the operator’s overall business.

Marker Tracks has been an instant game changer since its inception in 2018, bringing game credit fully into the cashless era. Innovative technologies have advanced the industry beyond the traditionally slow and exclusionary credit application and approval processes through charging, reducing overhead through seamless infrastructure consolidation while providing real-time reporting dashboards to operators. Now, with the introduction of Mullah Play, Marker Tracks is taking a breakthrough step forward.

“From the beginning, our vision was to add efficiency that was important but missing to the traditional gaming credit process,” said Charlie Skinner, president of Marker Tracks. “Marker Tracks has made this happen. And now Mullah Play will take the development of our company and cashless credit to a new level.”

Mullah Play enhances marketing support for operators with a completely redesigned underwriting process. Rather than taking on the responsibility of branding and marketing campaigns for consolidation, Mullah Play offers operator support, from rich incidental templates and direct mail sample libraries to e-blast generation, to full brand building support at Marker Tracks.

Improving the customer experience has always been a feature of Marker Trax, and Mullah Play brings that conviction. Powerful customer relationship management allows players to receive curated contract messages, payment deadline notifications, and a variety of other account dashboard notifications, which can be customized by the operator.

“When we started this company, we had a simple but ambitious goal of simplifying everyone’s credit process,” said Gary Ellis, founder and CEO of Marker Tracks. “Mula play is a natural evolution of everything we’ve been working on since the beginning. 슬롯머신

“The introduction of Mullah Play to the gaming community is the culmination of everything that makes cashless credit beneficial to both operators and players,” said Carol Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer of Marker Tracks. “With all the improvements made to our patented technology, introducing a new brand identity was a natural next step in the growth of our products and the company as a whole.”

Mullah Play will be officially launched at Ellis Island Casino Hotel & Brewery on October 5, closely coupled with its industry debut at the annual Global Gaming Expo (2030 Exhibition Booth), which will be held from October 9-12. The registration event will continue through this month and MarkerTracks will offer a special welcome gift to new or existing customers who update their new Mullah Play mobile application.

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