Manchester United Icon’s Shock Confession, “The craziest thing? What I thought about moving to Arsenal”

Rio Ferdinand (45), one of the Manchester United legends, shocked fans by announcing that he had tried to move to Arsenal, a rival club.

According to Britain’s Daily Star on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time), Ferdinand said on his YouTube channel that he had thought of moving to Arsenal, his Premier League rival and bitter rival, after his career at Manchester United in the past.

After going through West Ham United and Leeds United, Ferdinand joined Manchester United under Alex Ferguson in 2002 and blossomed. Ferdinand played as the main center back until the summer of 2014, the season after Ferguson left.

Ferdinand joined the Queens Park Rangers (QPR) as a free agent after signing with Manchester United. However, he failed to prevent his team from being demoted due to aging and retired immediately.

Ferdinand played for Manchester United for 12 years, winning six Premier League titles and one UEFA Champions League title. It may be a shock to Manchester United fans that the Manchester United legend wanted to move to Arsenal. 바카라사이트

Ferdinand said, “The craziest thing was that I thought about joining Arsenal,” adding, “I left Manchester United and saw Arsenal coach Arsen Wenger at a hotel at the end of my career.”

“I told Wenger, ‘Listen. I’m leaving Manchester United. If he wants, I can go and help him in the dressing room. More importantly, I think he needs help.’

“I said, ‘I will definitely play, but more importantly, I will go for that culture.’ However, Wenger refused to accept my offer. As a result, he was right. I was not up to that level in QPR.”

Ferdinand knew his best days were over. But he explained, “I thought I could help him in the dressing room, because that’s where a lot of culture comes from.”

When Manchester United finished fourth in the 2014-2015 season, Arsenal finished third after Chelsea and Manchester City. Arsenal also beat Aston Villa to win the FA Cup for the second consecutive time.

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