Macao Week Makes a splash in Las Vegas

Three Las Vegas resorts and fashion show malls have launched red carpets for large Macau artisans and government and corporate dignitaries hoping to show southern Nevada that the city is not just Asia’s first gaming destination.

Tuesday was the busiest day of Macao’s week, which runs through Sunday in Venice, MGM Grand, Win Las Vegas and fashion shows.

To show that the southern Chinese city is competing to become an Asian Las Vegas has a unique cultural heritage that makes it a valuable international destination, art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, and artists’ demonstrations are scheduled every week in malls and resorts.

“It is a celebration of rich cultural heritage,” said Fernando Cui, presidential secretary for social and cultural affairs in Macau’s Special Administrative Region, a designation enacted in 1999 when the Portuguese government handed the region over to the Chinese.

Macau heated up its enthusiasm for the game industry in 2002 when the Macau government signed concession deals for the game industry with companies affiliated with Wynn Resorts Ltd. and Las Vegas Sands Inc., opening the area to foreign competitors. Las Vegas Sands quickly opened up Sands Macau last year, starting microcosm work in Venice, and Wynn began building a slimmed-down version of Wynn Las Vegas.

MGM Mirage entered the market through a partnership with Panji Ho, managing director of Shuntak Holdings, which has real estate and tourism throughout Macau. Ho is the daughter of Stanley Ho, managing director, who held Macau casino exclusivity for 40 years before deciding to concede to outside companies.

Stanley Ho still controls more than a dozen casinos in Macau, including Lisboa, the largest casino currently operating in Macau. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Earlier this year, construction on the MGM Macau Hotel began. All three hotel-casino projects linked to Las Vegas are scheduled to open in 2007, with several stages of construction underway.

Pansy Ho was one of the business representatives who came to Las Vegas for Macau week and met with MGM Mirage officials. He also acquired some of the cultural offerings.

Fancy said the cultural event at the resort and mall this week was “very well received” and “provides an opportunity to show that we can have more experience in Macau.”

Bill Widener, president and chief operating officer of Las Vegas Sands, said Macao has a thriving gaming market but does not have the infrastructure to replace Las Vegas with the world’s leading casino resort.

Nonetheless, Macau’s casino revenue is on pace to surpass Las Vegas thanks to a growing core market for Hong Kong-based Chinese high rollers who make day trips to casinos.

Weidner said his company’s strategy is to spend more than a day in the city and help develop other niche markets for tourists willing to house some of the cultural amenities Macau offers. To make the experience more appealing to the mass market, Las Vegas Sands and other companies in the U.S. are developing resort experiences similar to Las Vegas, complete with entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences as well as convention and conference facilities.

The mass market is only beginning to take advantage as Chinese authorities continue to relax visa requirements that allow millions of Chinese citizens to travel more freely.

And, not only to develop the Chinese market, Macao is spreading its wings internationally. This is why the Macau government is hosting Macau Week in Las Vegas.

The fashion show offers Chinese dragons and lions, Portuguese folk dances, and Macau bands at 7:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. until Sunday. The shopping mall is also the setting for a photo exhibition called “24 Hours in Macau.”

MGM Grand also serves as a host at Studio Walk for photo exhibitions that include images of events and festivals in Macau, including the A-Ma Festival, the Macau Arts Festival, the International Fireworks Festival, the Macau Grand Prix car race, and the Chinese New Year.

Contemporary artworks are on display in Colonnade, Venice. 53 original works by Macau artists showing calligraphy, painting, and modern media are on display.

Macau’s two greatest pianist brothers, Guo Man-rio and Luo Guo-wei, will hold a concert on Saturday night and make an appearance again in Vienna on Saturday. Resort owner Steve Wynn invited pianists after hearing the concert in Asia.

Macau food, a blend of Portuguese and Chinese cuisine, is served with specials at Winx Terrace Point Cafe, Venetian Royal Star Restaurant, and MGM Grand Pearl Restaurant.

The venue will also feature calligraphic paintings and silhouette portraits by Macau artisans.

Macau’s culture came to life last month when its historic center was listed as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Macau is the 31st place in China to be designated by UNESCO.

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