Lightning Lotto in Evolution

Lotto games have long been the antagonism of the online casino gaming industry. This is mainly due to relatively low RTP. Lotto games tend to be overlooked within the industry because sensible players tend to find the best possible odds and typically involve worse odds for players than more popular classical table games.

In fact, there are millions of gambling enthusiasts who absolutely cherish these titles. In addition, the numbers are increasing! That’s just part of why Evolution Gaming’s remarkable 2023 release Lightning Lotto Live is noteworthy.

Another important point is that while lotto games may not be the most mathematically recommended game option, they remain a hot zone for exciting developments across the industry. Good example: Evolution has actually created a miniseries for this style of title!

Generally, all online lottery games tend to follow the same procedure. A large drum containing numbered balls is used for each round of betting – the goal is to predict exactly which balls will be drawn during the round. There are 40 balls on the drum, five of which are drawn during each round. Betting will be placed before the start of the round and no new bets will be allowed after the draw has started.

They provide not one but three drums, and here they shake things up. This means two sets of numbers to place regular bets and more ways to win. In addition, in addition to the five numbers on the betting ticket, there is also a sixth “golden” number. 온라인경마

The third drum is coming in! It is a special lightening drum that picks one out of 10 balls. This is how the winning multiplier is determined, usually 2x-25x. If the sixth number on your betting ticket matches that multiplier, every win and every win on that ticket is a multiplier!

Of course, no title is perfect, and I don’t think this title will be an exception. RTP looks very promising for this range of games, 93-96%, but of course when it comes to house edge, there’s no way to make lottery games compete with games like Baccarat.

Nevertheless, in our humble opinion, this launch is promising enough for any online gambling fan to check out. The level of innovation, combined with the high quality associated with Evolution’s Lightning series, confirms it is the ultimate attraction in an online casino environment.

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