Lightlander And Boyles Sports Sign Partnership

Rightlander, a leader in marketing compliance tools and services, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Boylesports, one of the UK’s most established gaming companies. The collaboration aims to strengthen Boylesports’ adherence to advertising regulation within the UK market.

Through this partnership, Rightlander will deploy its cutting-edge website monitoring technology to oversee Boylesports’ digital advertising content. The technology is primarily focused on ensuring compliance with UK advertising regulations, providing peace of mind that all online activities comply with local laws and guidelines.

“In an environment where the UK market is facing increasing regulatory scrutiny, it is imperative to take a more comprehensive approach to monitor our online advertising efforts,” said Dimitrios Armadoros, head of performance marketing. 파친코

“We believe Rightlander’s products are closely aligned with our specific needs and expectations and will have the tools we need to effectively navigate this complex regulatory environment.”

Part of Boylesports’ decision to partner with Rightlander comes from the platform’s user-friendly design. Rightlander provides clear and concise reporting to make it easier for Boylesports to manage compliance data. Additionally, easy-to-operate dashboards and online interfaces allow you to adjust settings and view real-time results for more agile decision making.

“We are excited to partner with industry leaders like Boylesports. This partnership not only demonstrates the effectiveness of our platform, but also highlights our efforts to help brands maintain the highest level of ad compliance,” said Jonathan Elkin, Rightlander Sales Director.

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