Lee Kang-in drew fouls from his opponent with a beautiful breakthrough and also teased a sharp left-footed shot in the 25th minute of the first half.

In the 44th minute of the first half, he received Hakimi’s pass and connected it exactly to Soler, who penetrated into the box. Soler’s attack was canceled due to the lack of accuracy of the cutback pass. The right-footed cross was delivered exactly to Mbappe, but it was also regrettable that the volley missed.

Lee Kang-in continued his performance in the second half. In the 8th minute of the second half, he ran toward the pass given by Bradley Barcola from the left side and connected a shot. It was regrettable that the opponent’s body was blocked. 안전놀이터

The winning goal was also scored on Lee Kang-in’s toes. Lee Kang-in, the kicker of the free kick in the 38th minute of the second half, scored an exquisite delivery cross, and Marco Asensio’s header was blocked by the goalkeeper. However, Moani calmly pushed the protruding ball to complete the 2-1 victory.

However, local media in France did not give a good evaluation. France’s L’Equipe said Lee Kang-in’s deployment on the right side was in preparation for the match against Dortmund, adding, “Coach Enrique should admit that he put Lee Kang-in to the test as a right flanker, and the result was negative. He wasted a lot.”

“Lee Kang-in did not have much or was not efficient with right full-back Achraf Hakimi,” he said. “He showed why Dembele is an important player in the PSG offense even though there are no offensive points yet.”

Other media also expressed regret for Lee Kang-in, who played on the right. “Lee Kang-in looked less comfortable than usual. Technical mistakes were made in the process of linking,” Foot Mercato said, adding, “It wasn’t very noticeable. The technique is certain, but I made a disappointing decision at the end.”

It may not be easily convinced. Passes that caught him off guard were delivered to the front, and the starting point of the winning goal was Lee Kang-in. The No. 1 ranking in SopaScore’s rating was proof of this performance.

However, it was true that Lee Kang-in was not as usual on this day. Even short passes were often somewhat inaccurate in linked plays. Of course, frequent mistakes made by teammates, including Mbappe, who played with Lee Kang-in, were one of the factors that made Lee Kang-in’s presence insignificant.

The expression “waste” can also be related to Lee Kang-in’s style of play. Lee Kang-in often beats one or two defenders to poke through sharp passes. Some praise the movement of peeling off defenders with the ability to depressurize through body painting, but some evaluate that this movement takes away the tempo of the team’s attack. Moreover, Lee Kang-in’s style of play could have been seen as more “wasteful” when he made a mistake in crosses and pass connections on the day.

Playing on the right may have had a big impact. It was true that there were many scenes where Lee Kang-in, who usually looked to the right and crossed with his left foot, had to turn once to make a left foot angle and cross it, so there were also limitations in timing and visibility.

However, it may be difficult to say that it necessarily leads to Lee Kang-in’s restrictions on utilization on the right. This is because it can be judged that his condition was not complete as he often made a mistake even in a short pass.

PSG is facing an important showdown with Dortmund. Currently, PSG ranks second in Group F with two wins, one draw and two losses (7 points), following Dortmund (10 points), but is being chased by Newcastle United (England) and AC Milan (Italy, five points above). There is a possibility that Dortmund will play a bit harder after confirming its advance to the round of 16, but if it loses its final group match and gives up the second place to another team, PSG will fall to the UEFA Europa League.

Amid mixed evaluations, some say that Lee Kang-in’s warning signal against Dortmund was turned on. However, it is too much concern that Lee Kang-in will miss the match against Dortmund because he was a little sluggish on the right side. Of course, it is true that the possibility of Lee Kang-in playing on the right side against Dortmund has been lowered through the game. However, Lee Kang-in can play in various places, including left midfielder and center midfielder. This is because it is a disappointing card to exclude the option of Lee Kang-in to double Mbappe’s attack.

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