“Lee Jung-hoo is best friend with Kim Ha-sung, so I can’t say I’m signing a contract…” Isn’t it San Diego’s No. 1 ranking? Is SF out

Since the big deal with Juan Soto (25, New York Yankees), the race to recruit Lee Jung-hoo has seen a sudden change. The New York Yankees seem to have given up interest in Lee Jung-hoo by bringing Trent Grisham to Soto. On the other hand, Lee Jung-hoo has emerged as an alternative to the San Diego Padres, which lost two key outfielders, Soto and Grisham. 파칭코

U.S. media say Lee’s ransom is between 50 million U.S. dollars and 80 million dollars to 90 million dollars. This card is perfect for the pay-cut San Diego Padres. Maybe it will shake the San Francisco Giants’ popularity. Anyway, Lee Jung-hoo’s posting has been started.

MLB.com summarized what major clubs need most as of this point on Tuesday (Korea time). San Diego is definitely left field and center field. This means that Soto and Grisham need to be filled in from the outside. “Right now, San Diego has only one main outfielder named Fernando Tatis Jr.”

In the meantime, MLB.com said, “I’m hesitant to say that 2022 KBO MVP Lee Jung-hoo will sign Kim Ha-sung because he’s a close friend, but it’s really perfect, and Soto’s transfer has left room for payrolls.” There is no guarantee that Lee Jung-hoo will choose San Diego because of his personal relationship with Kim Ha-sung, but San Diego is the best fit.

Kim Ha-sung said he did not sell Lee Jung-hoo to come to San Diego at the time of the Gold Glove Award press conference. Since it is Lee Jung-hoo’s life, the final decision is made by Lee Jung-hoo. Unlike Kim Ha-sung in Korea, Lee Jung-hoo is working out at Boras Corporation.

MLB.com said that along with Lee Jung-hoo, FA Kevin Kiermaier, Luerdes Gurriel Jr. and Teoscar Hernandez are suitable for the San Diego outfield. It also said another option is to buy Randy Arozarena from the Tampa Bay Rays through trade.

There is another club that has used Lee as a card to reinforce the outfield. It is the New York Mets. If the team reinforces pitchers, it also needs to recruit outfielders.” On the other hand, the San Francisco Giants did not mention Lee Jung-hoo, although it said it needs center fielders. Cody Bellinger is the most suitable player.” He mentioned recruiting Kiermaier or Harrison Bader as an alternative to Bellinger.

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