Lee Joon, CEO of Suwon Samsung, and Oh Dong-seok, general manager of the professional soccer team, officially expressed their resignation to the group.

A Suwon official told “News 1” on the 6th, “CEO Lee Joon and General Manager Oh Dong-seok, who said they would step down from their positions on the 3rd, also expressed their gratitude to the group.”

An official added, “The company’s intention has been conveyed to the group. There is a procedure for dealing with it at the group level, so we are currently waiting for it.”

Suwon ranks 12th with eight wins, nine draws and 21 losses (33 points) in this season’s K League 1, and will spend the next season in K League 2. Suwon, which has won four championships and was nicknamed “masterpiece,” will experience demotion for the first time since its foundation in 1995.

The aftermath of the team’s demotion was huge. Suwon fans insisted that the team’s secretariat cannot avoid responsibility for the demotion, blocking the team’s bus after the final match, and demanding the resignation of the team’s leadership, including Oh.

Prentetricolo, Suwon’s official supporters, even issued a statement, saying, “We demand to explain the direction of the club’s operation so far and in the future, as well as a sincere apology for the results of disruptive operation and relegation.”

If the group accepts the resignation, Suwon will inevitably have a major replacement of the team’s leadership. Suwon is also deeply concerned about who to appoint as its coach in the next season starting in the second division. 카지노사이트 순위

“We are working on a plan. However, we will be able to take the next step only when the new executive branch (director of the ministry) is decided clearly,” a source from Suwon cautiously predicted.

Suwon replaced Kim Byung-soo in September, and Yeom Ki-hoon, who was a playing coach, led the team as acting coach.

“We need to talk with the club again about what happens in the future. We can stay in Suwon or go to another team. But we will continue to live the life of our leader,” acting coach Yeom said after the final match of this season.

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