Lee Bo-mi Wins Japanese Professional Sports Award for Achievement… Encouraging Prime Minister Kishida for “Good Work for a Long Time.”

Japanese sports media, including Sports Hochi, said on the 21st, “Lee Bo-mi, who retired after this season, attended the award ceremony for the Japanese Professional Sports Awards held in Tokyo and won the Lifetime Achievement Award.”

According to Japanese media, Lee Bo-mi, who attended the ceremony, said, “This award is an award that I cannot receive on my own,” adding, “It is a real honor.” “If you’ve been a tour player so far, I want to do what I can to repay you from now on,” he said, expressing his joy.

She also said, “I came to Japan for 13 years. Thank you so much for your warm support without discrimination or prejudice even though you are a Korean player. It was a great time because so many fans cheered for me. It was a happy time.” 경마사이트

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who attended the ceremony, was quoted as saying to Lee, “You did a great job for a long time.” Lee said, “I was surprised. It was an honor for me to encourage her.”

Lee Bo-mi made her debut on the JLPGA tour in 2011 and won 21 titles in total, and was named the top prize winner for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. She was nicknamed “Smile Candy” for her bright appearance, and she gained huge popularity to the point where she created “Bo Mi-chan Syndrome” in the Japanese archipelago.

Lee Bo-mi, who retired from the JLPGA Tour after the Novuta Group Masters in October, recently received a special award unanimously selected by the Japan Golf Tournament Promotion Association (JGPA) and was recognized for her contributions to Japanese women’s professional golf, including the JLPGA Best Comment Award.

Lee Bo-mi told the E-Daily, “Everything was fun and enjoyable during my 13 years in Japan. I am touched and happy to receive such a meaningful award,” adding, “I will continue to work as a person who can give good influence.”

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