LeBron James ‘Horses’ Fan UFC fighter

Former welterweight champion Colby Covington launched harsh vitriol at LeBron James. He seemed to be throwing a fist salute at his opponent in the ring. A press conference was held on Wednesday ahead of his bid to become welterweight champion in Las Vegas.

“If you hate America like that, and hate this country that makes billions of dollars, leave. Go to China. Go to a factory in China that exploits workers. A factory that hires women and gives you millions of dollars.”
James was chosen four times as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player and 19 times as the All-Star. He also won two Olympic gold medals. He is called the “basketball king” compared to Michael Jordan, the “basketball emperor.” Covington beat Kim Dong-hyun in 2017 and became well known in Korea.

Covington has targeted James several times. It is because of his political orientation. This incident was also caused by LeBron’s political behavior at the basketball court.

James visited the University of California, Southern California on Sunday to watch his eldest son’s first college game. He and his family entered the stadium during the pregame ceremony. The audience was all standing up and listening to the national anthem, bowing to the national anthem.

However, some 10 members of James’ group were sitting in the front seats, creating a chaotic atmosphere. James didn’t stand up or take off his hat until the end of the performance. The video became popular and sparked controversy. “I have no respect for America at all.”

He shakes the world with his basketball skills but also makes a buzz with his political remarks. He is proud to “practice social justice” by considering racial and LGBTQ discrimination.

James followed in basketball when an American football player began kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racism and police assault. 안전 토토사이트

“As a parent, as a socialite, it is my duty to speak out on social issues. I am raising black children. It is a difficult task.” He is forced to protest and act because he and his family are racist in the U.S.

Players reject the U.S. flag and national anthem because they see the U.S. as a country that discriminates against race, LGBTQ people, and the underdog. However, critics say such a move is a rejection of the U.S. itself rather than a practice of social justice. Controversy over patriotism.

Sports are an extension of politics. As national competition intensifies, sports have become places to enhance patriotism. Professional sports have become more prevalent. Nothing excites audiences like patriotism. Even though K-League soccer stadiums are empty, national soccer matches are always full because of patriotism. Salute to the national flag and sing the national anthem in a gesture of patriotism.

However, patriotism is something that not everyone can easily agree on. This is because there are people who feel that they are victims of state power. This is the case for James.

James’ patriotism came under fire when he sided with professional women’s basketball player Brittney Griner. In 22, she was in a Russian prison after serving a nine-year prison sentence for drug possession. “I don’t want Griner to come back to the U.S. I understand. If I were Griner, I would not come back to the U.S.,” James said.

Griner has constantly criticized the U.S. by kneeling down during the national anthem. However, she was released after nine months in exchange for a Russian arms dealer called the “Merchant of Death.” She beat a Russian Marine Corps reserve who had been imprisoned in Russia for five years. She was criticized for being “wrong to trade her for an arms dealer who hated America.” James, who defended Griner, was called on to “leave America.”

People who do not agree with James’ behavior talk about his income, and he has earned 1.4 billion dollars so far. This year, he earned 128 million dollars in annual salary and advertising revenue. He signed a lifelong sponsorship contract worth 1 billion dollars with Nike in 2015.

The son, who was a freshman in college, said he had to raise his son so hard because of black-and-white discrimination, is an easy-to-understand player with 50 high school records. He barely played in college sports due to heart disease. However, he has become the richest player in college sports this year through NIL (name, photo, video, etc.) contracts. He has become a rich man with 5.9 million U.S. dollars just from his father’s reputation. “If it wasn’t for the U.S., where would a rich man make that much money?”

James is called a hypocrite when he shows his hatred toward the U.S. while earning money from professional sports that rely heavily on patriotism. Even if he does so due to his political orientation, his double attitude toward China further inflames his hypocrisy. That’s why Covington shouted “Go to China” to James. James has remained silent or advocate on China issues.

He shut his mouth in 19 when Hong Kong residents were being oppressed by the Chinese government for not respecting the Chinese flag or country. He rather helped China.

The head of the NBA’s Houston Rockets posted a message on social media, “Struggle for Freedom. Supporting Hong Kong” in connection with anti-Communist protests by Hong Kong residents. Patrons including the China Basketball Association, state-run CCTV 5, and Tencent Sports (the NBA’s exclusive digital alliance in China) threatened to cut ties with the Rockets.

James, who has a lifelong sponsorship from Nike, which has deep business ties to China, stepped up. He said, “The director is not educated on the Hong Kong issue. He should not have expressed what he thought. Many people have suffered greatly in their financial, mental, and psychological conditions.” The director eventually resigned.

Ines Kanter of the Boston Celtics, a native of Turkey, declared his support for the “liberation of Tibet,” calling Xi a “brutal dictator.” Kanter attacked James, saying, “Money is above morality for the “king.” It’s sad and nauseating to pretend to be for social justice.

“Nike doesn’t say a word about China’s racial discrimination, police brutality, and LGBTQ discrimination. Nike shoes are made by slave laborers in China. Millions of Uighurs are suffering from discrimination and cruelty,” he said, suggesting James go to China with him to check the situation out. James ignored the offer.

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