Leading rival Bayer Leverkusen was threatening them with no loss, so I could not slow down the reins

It was a close game of push and pull. The drop in Bayern Munich tempo was an opportunity for Cologne. Cologne changed the ground by taking a replacement. Bayern Munich aimed at the Cologne net with Kane and Mazraoui in front. Kane tried to finish Mazraoui’s left-footed cross with a header in the 29th minute of the second half, but it missed.

Bayern Munich tried to find a way out from the side if it did not solve the problem from the front. Sane and Coman made speedier efforts to dig into the Cologne region. They created a threatening scene but failed to score a goal. goalkeeper Köln Schwabe made Bayern Munich drop its head with his strong defense performance despite the threatening situation.

Bayern Munich was determined to run away with one more goal. In the corner kick, Goretzka tried to header and shot to the coman. This time, it bounced off the post and swallowed the regret. The rear build-up, which started with Kim Min-jae at the center, also did not go smoothly, giving Cologne a chance.

Cologne focused on the equalizer as the third minute of extra time began. However, the Cologne striker also had difficult moments and suffered ups and downs. He displayed no significant influence against the central defense combination of Kim Min-jae and Upamecano. Bayern Munich held up well until extra time and scored three points. 안전놀이터

According to soccer statistics magazine “Footmob,” Kim Min-jae’s rating was 7.5. Coman, who led Bayern Munich’s aggressive attack on the side, scored 8.3 points, while Kane scored the winning goal 8.0 and Goretzka scored 7.9. Kim Min-jae’s central defensive partner Upamecano scored around eight points.

Kim scored 7.3 points on “Huscoord.Com.” None of the players scored more than eight points. Bayern Munich won the game away from Cologne, but failed to display an overwhelming performance. Kane scored 7.5, while Upamecano and Sané scored 7.7. COMANG had the highest rating of 7.9.

Kim recorded 123 passes in the match against Cologne, the highest number of passes in Bayern Munich. Most of the 123 passes were successful, with a pass success rate of 95.1 percent. He dribbled four times, passed three times in the final third region, successfully through three long passes (100 percent), cleared one, intercepted one, recovered four, and successfully competed on the ground nine times. He also proved that he is the best central defense in Europe by recording four successful long passes, one blocking, two clearing, three interceptions, five recoveries, and two successful aerial competitions.

Kane, who scored the winning goal, said, “It was a very important match against Cologne. You may think the performance was not good, but we did very well. We created scenes where we could score three goals in the first half. It brought three very important points. We dominated the match against Cologne. We created more scoring opportunities, and we didn’t allow our opponents chances easily. I could have scored many points, but I don’t care that it wasn’t. It’s important to win the first game after the A-match break,” he said, expressing satisfaction with his victory.

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