Kwon Chang-hoon, who joined the controversy over “From Suwon to Jeonbuk,” said, “I had only one option in front of me.”

Kwon Chang-hoon (30, Jeonbuk Hyundai) has opened his mouth over the controversy over his transfer. Kwon Chang-hoon left Suwon Samsung for the winter on Tuesday and wore a Jeonbuk Hyundai uniform. It was literally a surprise transfer. After returning to Suwon after being discharged from the military last summer, Kwon was called a savior to save the team in crisis. However, he failed to play even a single game due to injury. He even underwent surgery, but was ultimately ruled out for the season. While the team was falling apart, he disappeared from Kwon’s iconic online and offline appearance, which eventually suffered a shocking demotion.

After the relegation, Suwon still kept going. Meanwhile, Kwon Chang-hoon’s move to Jeonbuk was decided. Suwon fans were enraged at the move to the long-time rival Jeonbuk. On his SNS account, Kwon said, “I apologize to Suwon fans. I feel a great responsibility and am just sorry that I was not able to be of any help when the team was in trouble. I will not forget the undue love and support you gave me, and I will live with gratitude for the rest of my life,” but the fans’ anger did not calm down.

Kwon bowed his head once again when we met at Incheon International Airport on the 10th while departing for Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he was training. “I can’t tell you the details, but I had only one option for now,” he explained about the transfer process. “So I had no choice but to come to Jeonbuk. Even though I was aware of my condition, I was the most active in recruiting, so I had no choice but to choose.”

Regarding various speculations such as honeymoon during the season, Kwon Chang-hoon said, “I think you can think so because I didn’t mention it. I don’t care much because I think everyone knows that it’s not true.”

He humbly accepted the criticism, saying, “It would have been better if I had explained my situation to fans while recovering from the injury.” Kwon said, “As I wrote on my SNS account, the situation was not good enough. I thought just explaining would be an issue, and I didn’t want to create a mess because the team wasn’t good enough. I just wanted to recover quickly and play even for a minute. I have never let go of that. Consequently, it is something I have to accept.” “My role is to always show my best on the field as a player, and I think it will get better if I do so.” 온라인카지노

Kwon had been in poor physical condition since he was a senior manager. He took almost a year off. He has yet to take the ball. There is no doubt about Kwon’s performance without injury. Therefore, attention must be paid to his physical condition. Kwon said, “I have been recovering continuously after surgery. I received positive response from him saying that I am better than I thought when I underwent a medical test. I am not in a situation where I can participate in the training yet. Now, I need to understand my condition more clearly with my team doctor and trainer, and see how I can proceed with my treatment and rehabilitation.” “As much as I can’t play on the field as a player, nothing seems to be as difficult as I am. Personally, I did my best, but it was a difficult situation,” he said.

Kwon’s goal for the new season is not to revive him. “I just want to have fun playing soccer as soon as possible,” he said. “I wanted to show better performance every year while playing soccer. Just as I always tried to improve myself, I will recover quickly this season and help my team,” he said. “That’s only one thing I hope the day when I have fun playing soccer again comes soon.”

Meanwhile, Jeonbuk will hold physical training, tactical training, and practice matches in Dubai through Feb. 3 to prepare for the 2024 season. It will clash with world renowned Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg. Jeonbuk, which conducted winter training in Dubai from 2015 to 2017, won the K-League in 2015 and 2017, and the Asian Champions League in 2016. It is committed to repeating the glory days in Dubai, which it visited for the first time in seven years.

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