Kwak Bin, the controversial “0-ball gold medal,” opened his own mouth. “Three shots of Damju…”

The match against Japan in the super round of the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team was held at Xiaoxing Baseball Stadium in Hangzhou, China on the 5th. Choi Won-joon, Kwak Bin, and Kim Ji-chan watching their teammates play in the dugout. Hangzhou (China)
“Because of the symptoms, I had fever…”

Kwak Bin, a “native ace,” saved the Doosan Bears from a crisis. Many people, including manager Lee Seung-yeop, were worried, and he showed overwhelming pitching as an ace pitcher.

Kwak Bin started the game against the KIA Tigers at Jamsil Stadium on the 13th and led his team to a 3-1 victory with nine strikeouts and one run in six innings. Fifth-ranked Doosan was trailing sixth-ranked KIA by two games. If he had lost the game, he would have been worried about advancing to the postseason itself, but he could do his best to fight for the third place with a valuable victory amid Kwak Bin’s good pitching.

In fact, I was nervous. Kwak Bin was selected as the representative of the Hangzhou Asian Games, but he went to China and returned without playing a single game due to symptoms of gall on his shoulder ahead of the game. It was the cold eyes of the public that gave Kwak Bin a hard time. It was about whether it makes sense to win a gold medal without throwing a single ball. Rather than gold, criticism was mounting that winning the Asian Games gold medal would benefit from military service.

However, there were voices in the baseball world that Kwak Bin should not be criticized. Coach Lee said, “It’s not that Kwak Bin didn’t prepare. He just couldn’t take the mound because the situation wasn’t right. Kwak Bin also played a role as a team member, saying, “All the players won the gold medal together.” It could be a problem if Kwak Bin hid his injury, but he said he should not be criticized for having an unexpected injury.

Kwak Bin himself must have had an unfair side. Good pitching against KIA eased the burden on the mind for now. Kwak Bin said, “Our team’s ranking fight is so important, but it was so hard to hear bad things recently. I wanted to show it through this game,” he said.

I asked Kwak Bin if he wanted to talk about the Asian Games. He explained in detail how he failed to throw the ball. Kwak Bin said, “After joining the national team, my body balance was so good. He warmed up two hours before the first match against Hong Kong. But I got a sore throat. I told the trainer and the coaches. He said, “First of all, let’s not overdo it and rest.” 안전놀이터

Kwak Bin continued, “Coach Choi Il-eon asked me to play catch the next day. But I even had symptoms of body aches. The fever rose to 39 degrees. I got a fluid injection. Three shots were given to relieve the wall. He even got a sting that loosened his lumped muscles, he said. “I got better little by little and I was able to prepare for the Super Round.” In fact, Kwak Bin warmed up during the match from the super round against China. He also prepared for the final match against Taiwan. However, in the final, Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha) showed better-than-expected pitching, and Ryu Joong-il missed the opportunity to take the mound as manager Ryu Joong-il judged that it would be better for a bullpen pitcher to go out than Kwak Bin, the starting agent.

Kwak Bin said, “Every time I saw the players, I said sorry. Still, everyone encouraged me that it was okay,” he said, expressing his determination, “If I get selected for the national team next time, I will show you then.”

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