Kim Ha-sung’s side said, “Im Hye-dong, if you are a habitual assault, file a complaint… I will hold you accountable for not guilty.”

Kim Ha-sung (28) of the San Diego Padres in Major League Baseball (MLB) countered against his junior Lim Hye-dong, who claimed that he had been repeatedly assaulted by him, saying, “If it’s true, file a formal complaint.”

Kim Ha-sung’s legal representative said in a statement sent to the media on the 8th, “The opposing player threatened Kim Ha-sung by taking advantage of his military status in 2021 and demanded money in the name of the settlement,” adding, “Kim Ha-sung paid the money on the condition that the opposing player did not directly or indirectly contact him or do any disadvantageous acts.”

“Nevertheless, the opposing player repeatedly violated the agreement, such as contacting Kim Ha-sung again,” Kim Ha-sung said. “In response, Kim Ha-sung filed a criminal complaint to prevent further damage, and separately, he carried out a civil lawsuit and seizure requesting penalties for violating the agreement.” As the details of the damage have been stated during the investigation of the complainant, the facts will soon be revealed at the judgment of the investigative agency and the court.

However, he said, “It is completely untrue that Kim Ha-sung unilaterally and habitually assaulted the opponent.” “If his allegations are true, the opponent will have to file a formal complaint against him,” he said. “In this case, Kim Ha-sung will sincerely engage in the investigation to reveal his innocence, and at the same time, he will thoroughly hold the other party accountable for false accusations.”

In addition, he said, “We plan to file additional charges against the opponent for defaming Kim Ha-sung by reporting false facts and manipulated photos of evidence to the media.”

Kim Ha-sung delivered his position instead, saying, “I apologize to many people for personal problems.”

Kim Ha-sung filed a complaint with the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on charges of racketeering and attempted blackmail on the 27th of last month. Afterwards, Lim revealed his name and face and claimed that he had been repeatedly assaulted by Kim Ha-sung. 토토사이트

Lim, a member of Nexen Heroes, retired from the professional league in 2016 and served as Kim Ha-sung’s road manager between 2018 and 2021. Kim Ha-sung is said to have had a physical fight while drinking with Lim at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul, in 2021. Since then, Lim has reportedly pressed him to “report to the police and the Military Manpower Administration,” taking as his weakness that he violated his obligation to ban gatherings and drank alcohol during COVID-19. Kim Ha-sung’s claim is that Kim Ha-sung, who was receiving special military service benefits, had to join the army if he was punished, and he was about to enter the U.S.

On the other hand, Lim said that he was habitually assaulted during Kim Ha-sung’s managerial career and agreed to Kim Ha-sung for 400 million won in December 2021. He said he had never contacted Kim Ha-sung in the next two years and had no request for money.

Lim’s lawyer released a photo of himself hurt on his chin, neck, and stomach, saying he looked like when he was assaulted by Kim Ha-sung. However, according to the conversation released by Kim Ha-sung, Lim sent a photo of himself hurt and said, “It’s the reality of domestic violence. My dad cursed first.”

Kim Ha-sung completed the investigation of the complainant on the 6th, and the police will conduct an investigation into Lim in the future. If necessary, a cross-examination may be conducted.

Kim Ha-sung became the first Korean to win the MLB Gold Glove this season. He received a special contribution award at an award ceremony hosted by Ilguhoe, a professional baseball OB group, but did not attend the award ceremony on the 8th. Kim Ha-sung said, “I am sorry and sorry that I couldn’t attend the meaningful award ceremony where Ilguhoe seniors gave me awards.”

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