Kim Ha-sung’s side announced additional charges against junior players, saying, “It’s not true that it’s a one-sided and customary assault, I’ll hold you responsible for false reports.”

Choi Sun-jae, Kim Ha-sung’s legal representative, announced his position on the 8th and said, “It is completely untrue that Kim Ha-sung unilaterally and habitually assaulted his opponent. We plan to file additional charges against the opponent for defaming Kim Ha-sung by reporting false facts and manipulated photos of evidence to the media.”

According to Newsis, Kim Ha-sung recently filed a complaint against A at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on racketeering charges.

Kim Ha-sung was reportedly asked for a settlement two years ago after having a physical fight with A while drinking at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul. Kim Ha-sung is said to claim that he continued to demand money and goods even after A handed over the settlement money. A police official told Newsis, “It has been less than a week since the complaint was filed,” adding, “The investigation will proceed according to the procedure.”

Kim Ha-sung’s agency, Summit Management, said on the 7th, “As reported, Kim Ha-sung was constantly blackmailed and threatened by a junior player. I submitted a complaint against this, and I attended the police station yesterday and completed the investigation of the complainant.”

Kim Ha-sung, who joined Nexen (currently Kiwoom) as the 29th player in the third round of the second rookie draft in 2014, played in 891 games in seven seasons of the KBO League until 2020, recording a batting average of 0.294, 133 homers and 575 RBIs and an OPS of 0.866. He joined San Diego in the Major League in 2021 through a posting system. In his third year as a second baseman, he showed an active performance with a batting average of 0.260 with 17 homers and 68 RBIs, 80 runs scored, and 38 steals. He also played shortstop and third baseman in defense, and won the Gold Glove in utility. This is the first record for an infielder in an Asian major leaguer.

As reported in various media outlets, Kim Ha-sung recently sued his junior, a former professional baseball player, for racketeering and attempted racketeering, and completed a police investigation.

In 2021, the opponent threatened Kim Ha-sung by taking advantage of his military status and demanded money in the name of a settlement, and Kim Ha-sung paid the opponent on the condition that he did not directly or indirectly contact Kim Ha-sung or do any disadvantageous actions.

Nevertheless, the opposing player repeatedly violated the agreement, such as contacting Kim Ha-sung again. In response, Kim Ha-sung filed a criminal complaint to prevent further damage, and separately, he filed a civil lawsuit and seizure requesting a penalty for violating the agreement.

Kim Ha-sung stated the details of the damage in detail during the investigation of the complainant, and it is believed that the facts will be revealed through the judgment of the investigative agency and the court.

However, I would like to reiterate that it is not at all true that Kim Ha-sung unilaterally and habitually assaulted the opponent. 메이저 토토사이트

If the opponent’s claim is true, the opponent will have to file a formal complaint against it. In this case, Kim Ha-sung will faithfully engage in the investigation and reveal his innocence, and at the same time, he will thoroughly hold the other party accountable for false accusations.

In addition, we plan to file additional charges against the opponent for defaming Kim Ha-sung by reporting false facts and manipulated photos of evidence to the media, and if the offense against the player continues in the future, we will not overlook it and hold him responsible for civil or criminal matters.

Lastly, I would like to express my apologies for causing many people’s concern over the player’s personal problems.

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