Kim Ha-sung’s complaint, truth battle

A junior player A, who was accused of demanding a large amount of settlement money after arguing with Kim Ha-sung, who is active in the U.S. Major League Baseball, is showing a battle of truth, claiming that he was repeatedly assaulted. 카지노사이트 순위

In a call with MBN, A’s legal representative claimed, “A was unilaterally assaulted by Kim for no reason in 2021.”

At the same time, A added that after the assault two years ago, Kim entered the U.S. Major League and “lived in the U.S. as a road manager and was repeatedly assaulted.” I contacted Kim several times to confirm his position on this, but I did not hear back.

However, Kim reportedly argued that he had a dispute with A at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul, in 2021, and that he was continuously asked for a large amount of settlement money from A even after asking for it at A’s request.

On the 27th of last month, Kim sued A at Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on charges of racketeering and attempted racketeering, and was investigated yesterday (6th) afternoon as a complainant.

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