Kim Ha-sung is giving Lee Jung-hoo various advice to succeed in the Major League.

Lee Jung-hoo said, “Ha Sung-hyung is coming to Korea tomorrow, so I’m going to ask a lot about the Major League Baseball. You said you’d help me a lot, too. I’ve learned a lot from watching how Ha-sung prepares from the side.”

“I think it will be important for me to adapt quickly and melt into the league,” Lee Jung-hoo said. “Even if I ask my seniors who have advanced to the Major League, they told me that adaptation is the most important thing.” Just because I did well in Korea, there is no guarantee that I will do well in the United States. I think it’s important that I adapt well and do well,” he said, stressing the importance of adaptation.

One of the biggest barriers Korean players face in the Major League is the language barrier. Lee Jung-hoo said, “I’m studying English little by little. But I have to do it every day, but I think I forget about it every day. What the seniors said in common is that you should speak English in the end. I think I need to study harder,” he said.

KBO League players have not received much recognition in the past in the major leagues. However, as Kang Jung-ho performed well and Kim Ha-sung succeeded, Major League Baseball’s evaluation of Korean fielders gradually increased. 안전놀이터

Lee Jung-hoo said, “Ha Sung-hyung said, ‘Korean players may not be able to advance to the Major League in the future because of me. I’m afraid of such thoughts,’ he once said. So am I. I need to make a good image of Korean players for players who will come to the Major League after me. “It’s natural to work really hard and we have to do well,” he said, vowing to show good performance in the Major League Baseball as well.

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