“Kim Ha-sung, for assault”… Former baseball player Lim Hye-dong reveals ‘assault photo’

Channel A reported on the 7th that it obtained several photos from Lim Hye-dong, which are believed to be images of him immediately after the assault. According to the report, Lim Hye-dong, a junior baseball player of Kim Ha-sung, who was a member of Nexon Heroes, retired from professional baseball in 2016. Since then, he has been accused of habitual assault for nearly four years between 2018 and 2021, while serving as Kim Ha-sung’s road manager.

Lim Hye-dong said that Kim Ha-sung assaulted him because he felt bad at drinking and repeated insulting remarks about the reason for releasing the photos of the victims.

Lim Hye-dong also claimed that he only asked for an apology for Kim Ha-sung in October, but that he did not ask for additional money. 바카라사이트

Earlier on the 6th, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul said it has received a complaint filed by lawyer Kim Ha-sung against junior baseball player Lim Hye-dong and is investigating. Kim Ha-sung reportedly claimed through his lawyer to the effect that “Im Hye-dong consistently demanded money and goods.”

Kim Ha-sung claimed that after drinking at a bar with Lim Hye-dong in 2021, there was a physical contact due to a dispute, and since then, he has been asked for money and valuables several times in the name of an assault settlement.

Kim Ha-sung’s agency Summit Management said, “As reported, Kim Ha-sung filed a complaint against him because he was continuously blackmailed and threatened by a junior player, and he attended the police station yesterday and completed the investigation of the complainant,” adding, “We will make sure to convey a specific position according to the progress of the investigation in the future. In addition, we respectfully ask you to refrain from reporting on areas where facts have not been confirmed.”

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