Ki Sung-yueng Says Goodbye to Osmar “If We Were 10 Years Younger…”

Osmar, who played in 344 games in Seoul and had the record for the most foreign appearances in the Seoul club, left the team on the 21st after completing his company with Seoul.

Ki said on his SNS account on Tuesday, “My friend Osmar, who I am grateful for. I used to talk with him about what it would have been like if we were 10 years younger,” adding, “As we got older, we lost strength, but we held on and relied on each other (with Osmar). He made me feel the same as soccer.”

“Everyone gets weaker as they get older, and their heyday appearances fade. We comforted each other while watching them,” he recalled.

Ki Sung-yueng has been playing in the midfield with Osmar since 2020, when he returned from the European stage, and Seoul has had a rather difficult time, staying in the bottom split for the fourth consecutive season.

Seoul has recently appointed a new coach, Kim Ki-dong, and is preparing to transform into a fast and organized football. 온라인경마

Ki said, “Ausmar is more professional and sincere than anyone else, and I wonder if there will be another foreign player like this in the future. I will become a beloved player wherever I go.”

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