Kane’s salary doubles to 17.6 billion → 36.3 billion won

Why Harry Kane could leave Tottenham

GiveMisport of England surveyed and announced the top 20 highest-paid English players as of 2024 on the 24th (Korea Standard Time).

The No. 1 player was Harry Kane. While receiving 200,000 pounds (339 million won) a week from Tottenham, his salary has more than doubled since he moved to Bayern Munich. Currently, Kane is paid 415,000 pounds (72.92 million won) a week. In terms of annual salary, he is paid 21.42 million pounds.

Kane is the highest paid player from England and is also the top paid player in the German Bundesliga at the same time. Prior to Kane’s transfer to Bayern, Manuel Neuer, who was paid 18 million pounds (about 30.5 billion won) in the Bundesliga. Kane succeeded in the transfer with an amount that far exceeds Neuer’s salary.

Bayern’s decision to bring in Kane was a success

According to the analysis by 토토사이트, Bayern’s decision to bring Kane to the highest transfer fee in the Bundesliga so far and the highest treatment in the team is considered a success. Kane perfectly fills Bayern’s scoring gap caused by Robert Lewandowski’s transfer to Barcelona.

In 35 official matches, Kane scored 37 goals and 12 assists. Kylian Mbappe is the only player that can match Kane’s performance in the top five European leagues in the 2023-2024 season. Kane has instantly entered the top level of the Ballon d’Or.

However, chances are high that the season will remain unfortunate for Kane. Kane said after moving to Bayern, “I did not move just because of the championship,” but apparently, Kane was the player who moved because of the championship. Tottenham prepared an ultra-large contract that can be as big as Kevin De Bruyne, the highest paid player in the Premier League, in order to catch Kane, the best player in the club’s history. Kane was the one who rejected Tottenham’s offer.

Bayern, which sweeps the trophy every season, seemed to end Kane’s irrelevance history. Surprisingly, while Bayern is suffering from an all-time slump, Xavi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen is leading the Bundesliga with a stir. Unless something major happens, it will end with Leverkusen winning the league.

Bayern with a high chance of winning

Not only that, but Bayern also failed to win the DFL Super Cup or the DFB Pokal Cup. Despite reaching the quarterfinals of the European Champions League (UCL), it is true that not many people see Bayern as a favorite. Still, Kane will not leave the team without a single trophy until the 2026-2027 season when he will stay in Bayern. Bayern is the strongest team in the world beyond Germany, so it will likely prepare for massive reinforcement to make up for this season’s slump right away. Bayern is more likely to win the title in terms of treatment than when it was at Tottenham. Kane’s choice was not wrong even if his exit from the team was delayed by a year.

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