Jung Bo-yoon stepped into the professional stage through priority registration last season

When he was an amateur, he was once a promising player with a number of winning experience, ranking seventh in the domestic rankings, but the wall of professionals was high. He participated in all eight tournaments in the first season and the second tournament this season, but he never crossed the threshold of the round of 64. There were ups and downs, and there was no luck. However, as the basic skills and potential are sufficient, I was not envious of the top-ranked player’s concentration shown on the day amid the evaluation that it was a growth process. Jung Bo-yoon will compete with Choi Hye-mi, who beat Gong Jin-sook on the 21st to advance to the round of 64. 경마사이트프로

It was a dramatic come-from-behind victory. Jung Bo-yoon was not able to solve the attack at the beginning of the game, trailing by 3-15 and 12 points until 17 innings. Twenty minutes into the game. In the 50-minute 25-point game, the game seemed to have lost early. Since then, Ko Eun-kyung’s consecutive hits have gradually narrowed the gap, but she was 11-17 with about 20 seconds left before the end of the game. However, Jung Bo-yoon, who took the cue for the final attack, did not give up and calmly recovered one point with the competition, opening the beginning of a reversal.

The timer has already stopped. After scoring the second point with a turnaround, he faced a hard ball, but after calling a timeout, he released it with a picturesque shot to continue his opportunity. Jung Bo-yoon, who continued to succeed in tricky one-bank shots and chased up to one point, once again accurately aimed for a short back turn and tied the score. Following the momentum, he turned the game around with a goal in the side-spinning competition, and completed eight high-run points with a combination to win the “end the reversal.”

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