Jumpman Cooperates GioRox With Ontario The Six Gaming Expansion

Six Gaming is one of the fastest growing brands in the iGaming industry, and GeoLocs will offer the best geolocation service.

Six Gaming chose GeoLocs as its Jumpman Gaming brand when it entered the Ontario market, a partnership that allowed the company and its customers to operate in Canadian provinces with confidence that they would be fully compliant with local regulations.

GeoLocs was one of the leading geolocation services dedicated to iGaming and one of the first to operate in Ontario. GeoLocs is specifically designed to ensure that the iGaming brand operates in authorized jurisdictions and provides responsible gaming to customers.

GeoLocs provides SixGaming’s customers with a world-class geolocation solution that can address a number of issues unique to iGaming operators when it comes to player positioning. With GeoLocs providing an easy-to-use backend portal that allows you to self-manage geographically permitted and unacceptable areas, GeoLocs quickly and seamlessly integrated into your operator’s or platform provider’s infrastructure, it provides an easy-to-use backend portal that allows you to self-manage geographically permitted and unacceptable areas. 슬롯머신

Stuart Godfree, mkodo’s managing director, said, “We are excited to work with important iGaming businesses like The Six Gaming.” “We’re excited to have them on board and we’re excited to offer our specialized geolocation services to our customers as they enter new markets across North America. We look forward to a successful partnership going forward.”

The UX/UI experience for players is second to none because there are no companion apps or additional downloads that end users need to verify their location before playing on the real-money gaming website or iOS/Android applications.

“We are excited to offer more options to our customers when it comes to geographic location. GeoLocs are a great partner because the skills, knowledge, and expertise of the Canadian market are second to none,” said Kris Kukula, director of Six Gaming. “We are excited to see mkodo as a true partner and work together to draw value from their investment in state-of-the-art geolocation technology that enabled us to get started and operate in Ontario.”

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