Ji Dong-won, the ‘Ji-Ta-Chi’ who left Seoul, will wear the uniform of Suwon FC!

A source familiar with the K-League transfer market said, “Ji Dong-won has concluded his agreement to join Suwon FC. Since he is currently overseas, he will soon come to Korea to complete detailed procedures and sign autographs.” Ji Dong-won, who said goodbye to FC Seoul, will continue his K-League career with Suwon FC.

Ji’s contract with Seoul expired at the end of last season. After 10 years in Europe, he wore a uniform for Seoul in the summer of 2021. There was a lot of excitement for Ji, who played for Sunderland, Augsburg, Dortmund, and Mainz. In his 12 games in his first year, he only scored one goal and one assist on the record, but he showed off his class with sharp plays. He was highly anticipated by receiving No. 10 from Park Chu-young, who left for Ulsan HD in the 2022 season, but his injury persisted and he played in only five matches, including the FA Cup.

The 2023 season was similar. Injured spirits kept bothering Ji. Ji, who continued to rehabilitate himself, succeeded in playing for the first time in August. After returning to the team, Ji even scored a goal in the game against Gangwon. It was the first time in two years that Ji had scored. In the last 10 games, Ji showed good performance in every game he played, including one goal and one assist. 토토사이트 추천

Attention continued on Ji Dong-won, who showed signs of revival. Gangwon FC and Suwon FC were active. The winner was Suwon FC. Suwon FC, which is seeking a change under coach Kim Eun-joong, added a tall striker from Chile, Jose Pablo Monreal, to Ras’ place, who was kicked out for drunk driving. As a player that Suwon FC has long watched, it was named a key striker in the 2024 season. The problem was the backup. He did not renew his contract with Kim Hyun, who played until last season. Kim Hyun-soo changed his uniform to Suwon Samsung. Suwon FC tried to recruit Ahn, who they had been with in the past, but he headed to Busan I-Park.

Coach Kim wanted a veteran striker who could bring the atmosphere to life, and selected Ji Dong-won as the final pick. Coach Kim gave a high score to Ji Dong-won’s personality, and judged that his performance at the end of last season could be enough support. Although Lee Jung-hyup competed until the last minute in Gangwon Province, where he left for Seongnam FC, Ji Dong-won ultimately decided to wear a Suwon FC uniform.

Suwon FC has reorganized its offense under the leadership of Monreal and Ji Dong-won. If Monreal fails to adapt as expected, Ji is expected to receive more time than expected. If he is in good physical condition, he is also eligible for the starting lineup. Kim also plans to make the most of Ji Dong-won, who has extensive experience. On top of that, since Lee Young-joon, who played as Kim’s persona at the U-20 World Cup, is discharged from the military in July, Suwon FC’s front line has a decent quality in quantity and quality.

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