Jena Choctaws Casino Site Looking at Creola

The Jena Band of Choctaws will run a gambling casino. And it just depends on whether it’s on land already in tribal trust or in Logansport, DeSoto Parish.

That’s the tough view of the head of the Jenna Chukto, Christine Norris, and Julie Wilkerson, the lawyer from Alexandria who represents the tribe.

Their view is that it’s up to Governor Kathleen Blanco to decide where the Jenna Chokto casino will go.

The governor’s agreement is critical to the Logan Sports site. The Creola site does not require the governor’s approval, they say. 카지노사이트 순위

Norris said he had made other attempts in writing to arrange a meeting with Blanco to discuss an agreement on having a casino in the Diocese of De Soto.

She says a contract with the governor is necessary to have a casino in Logan Sports, but says it’s possible to get a casino there through a federal agreement because Jenna Jockto and her wife trust 40.49 acres of land in Creola.

Ironically, Norris doesn’t strongly support gambling personally, but he plans to continue to pursue casinos in Creola or Rogan Sports strongly.

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