Ivey reaches final table at WSOP main event

The final round of the Poker Main Event World Series is ready, and the final round includes Phil Ivy. The poker superstar won a decisive victory later in the day to make sure he earned himself a spot in the final. After almost eight hours of play (without calculating breaks) on Wednesday, Davin Moon, James Akenhead, Kevin Chappelle, Stephen Beglier, Eric Buchman, Joe Cada, Antoine Sout, and Jeff Schulman joined the final. The main event will now go into the break and resume in November, with the winner receiving $8,546,435.

“So far, I’ve made the last table,” said Ivey, after climbing onto the final table with 9.765 million chips. “It’s quite a feat. Winning it would be the best thing for me. But this is definitely up there.”

The main event is the only Poker Mountain Ivy hasn’t conquered, and the popular pro says she desperately wants it. “You have no idea. I can taste it now,” Ivy said about her chances of winning the main event. “It’s like I’m here. It’s been a very hard day for me. I lost a lot of hard work early on. I stepped back and now I’m straight into the hunt.”

Fan favorite Antonio Espandiari finished 24th and received $352,832. Leo Maget, the last remaining woman in the tournament, finished 27th. She also received $352,832 for her efforts.

President Moon Jae In ended his day as a chip leader with 58,930,000 chips in the chip sector. President Moon Jae In admits he is in a position he never dreamed of.

“I didn’t expect this,” Moon told Casino City after climbing the last table. “It’s overwhelming. When it sinks in the morning, it’s really going to be something. But here I am.”

Moon, who qualified for the main event through a casino in Wheeling, West Virginia, also said he knew he wasn’t the best player on the table. 온라인카지노사이트

“I’m better than anyone else at wheeling,” he said. “6,300 are better than me here. There could be 150 to win and the rest are better than me. I had an unreal card. I messed up the top set with my pocket 8s and the guy went all in. How can you win like that. My card ran like that throughout the tournament. There was no need to gamble at all. I never did a chip stack throughout the tournament. It’s good just to run the card like that for eight days.”

Moon also says he hasn’t played poker for a long time. “About three years,” Moon said. “I watch poker a lot on TV. And I pay attention to it.”

Not all players were so excited about the possibility of winning the main event bracelet. Schulman, who will compete in the final with 19.58 million chips, said he was happy to win the tournament but didn’t want some of the bracelets.

“It’s a sign of Hara’s corporate greed,” Schulman said. Schulman is the editor of a card player that owned WSOP’s live reporting rights. Those rights now belong to Bluff.

The game kicked off on Wednesday with 27 players and three tables in the Amazon Room inside the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino.

Two ESPN tables (feature and auxiliary) were used with a third “outside” table with a TV camera surrounding it but no camera to view the hall card.

Fans lined up three deep along the rails outside both the secondary and outdoor tables. They filled the seats surrounding the special tables. They entered Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Wild Card Cafe, located on a high platform overlooking both TV tables. And they were vocal.

You didn’t have to run between tables to find out what happened in the pot. All you had to do was listen to the crowd’s reaction.

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