It led to the replacement of the general manager of the ‘Jimseungpa-dong’….SSG Landers General Manager Kim Sung-yong was replaced in a surprise move and moved to the head of the R&D center

Fans are criticizing SSG Landers. Finally, they started to deal with the inside. He took the extra step of replacing the head of the team.

SSG Landers took personnel measures against Kim Sung-yong.

SSG said, “We will change general manager Kim Sung-yong to the head of the R&D Center (former development team) by holding him responsible for the recent selection of coaches and coaches and controversy that occurred during the second draft process.” This is a reprimand-tolerated personnel action.

One-club man legend Kim Kang-min is about to retire. On the 24th, a day earlier, he decided to transfer to Hanwha.

There is still a lot of controversy over his forced transfer. 카지노사이트 순위

In the second draft held on the 22nd, Hanwha selected Kim Kang-min as the 22nd pick, one of the 4th to 5th rounds given only to the bottom 3 teams. Pick that pays 100 million won in compensation. It was the last pick of the day.

For players scheduled to retire, there was a related mark in the comment section. However, Kim Kang-min was not expected to retire.

Immediately after the event, SSG said, “As he is a player discussing retirement, we did not expect Kim Kang-min to be nominated. However, he explained, “We could not include Kim Kang-min due to the club’s stance, which excluded Choi Joo-hwan and several other players from protection.”

There was no prior communication with Kim Kang-min about “excluding protected players.” SSG general manager Kim Sung-yong said, “From now on, we will discuss our future with Kim Kang-min.”

Veteran Kim Kwang-hyun and Han Yu-seom, who represent SSG’s tutta, protested on SNS. Kim Kwang-hyun said, “SNS is a waste of life, but I should do it today. I respect someone’s choice, but I don’t think 23 years should be ignored. Bye, bro. Oh, it’s really cold today,” he said, expressing bitterness and anger. Han Yu-seom also said, “Is this right? Kangmin hyung, I’ll break into the house soon,” he said, without hiding his uncomfortable inner feelings.

Fans are also flocking to SSG owner Jung Yong-jin’s SNS, which he has enjoyed communicating with, and denouncing the club’s decision.

Kim Kang-min is a one-club man who has only played for the SK Wyverns and the SSG Landers for 23 years since joining the club in 2001. He has won all five championships. In particular, in last year’s Korean Series, he won the MVP award by hitting a tiebreaking home run in Game 1, a saw guitar in Game 2, and a three-run home run in Game 5.

SSG went through a chaotic process after Kim Won-hyung was replaced with a contract period, and another interview candidate was confirmed as a new coach in the process of appointing a new coach, Lee Sung-yong.

In other words, he made it clear to the general manager, the chief executive, who led the field for the unsmooth stove league move.

SSG plans to establish objective selection criteria in a short period of time to select candidates, and then appoint a new general manager. Meanwhile, until a new general manager is appointed, the role of the general manager will be centered on Min Kyung-sam, so that there will be no work gap.

Kim Sung-yong, a former special sports doctor who has been a coach for a long time in amateur baseball since the founding of Yatago High School in 1997, took over as former general manager Ryu Sun-kyu, who caused various controversies when he was replaced after his first unified victory last year.

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