“It didn’t come out in the end”…42 Years, the First Record in Korean Professional Baseball History

Reporter Yoo Jin-hyung] After the game on the 17th, the regular season of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League was completed. There are records that have been poured out during 144 games per team, but have not come out in the end. It’s a shutout.

The shutout is a record that has been released every year since the launch of professional baseball in 1982. In 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, which were called the all-time high pitching seasons, shutout wins were consistent, and there were three shutouts last year.

However, there have been only four complete games this season, and no pitchers have recorded shutouts. Two of the four complete wins are Kang Woo-Cold, and Samsung Buchanan is the only pitcher purely responsible for nine innings. Buchanan suffered a complete defeat against KIA in an away game in Gwangju on July 13 by allowing four hits, eight strikeouts, and one run in nine innings.

In the KBO League this season, there was Eric Peddy, who achieved the great task of achieving only four players in the 42-year history of Korean professional baseball. He is a player who achieved the “triple crown” by sweeping all the wins, strikeouts, and ERA titles with 20 wins and 6 losses, 2.00 ERA and 209 strikeouts. But he also failed to record a shutout. Peddy was replaced after allowing one run with one out in the ninth inning against Lotte on September 10 and missed the opportunity to shut out.

In addition to Peddy, there was a player who came close to a shutout. On September 23, KT Cuevas was on the verge of achieving a milestone by pitching a no-hitter against KIA with one out in the ninth inning. However, Kim Do-young hit a triple and allowed a walk before going down the mound. And on the 11th, KIA Yang Hyun-jong was pitching eight scoreless innings against Kiwoom. By the eighth inning, he had 97 pitches. If he was greedy, he could have challenged the shutout, but manager Kim Jong-kook ordered the replacement of the pitcher, and pitcher coach Seo Jae-ung told Yang Hyun-jong, who was disappointed, “It’s not just baseball this year.” I have to do it for a long time,” he said, consoling.

In modern baseball, there is a clear limit on the number of pitches per position because the division of labor on the mound is systematically established. Usually, it is difficult for a starting pitcher who throws 80 to 100 pitches to take responsibility for every game with his or her own power. 스포츠토토

However, MLB (U.S. professional baseball) and NPB (Japan professional baseball) have had several shutouts this season. MLB, which plays 162 games per team, has 21 shutouts, and NPB, which plays 143 games per team, has played 41 times. It is worth seeing that the KBO League alone did not have a shutout this season.

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