Is there only Hwang Joon-seo in the first place? He even held 194cm left-handed as planned…Hanwha’s mound imbalance is resolved

Hanwha has consistently gathered right-handed prospects in rookie drafts in recent years. In the top rounds, including Nam Ji-min and Han Seung-joo in 2020, Moon Dong-joo and Park Joon-young in 2022 and Kim Seo-hyun in 2023, he steadily selected right-handed fastball pitchers to grow the mound depth.

But there was a relative lack of left arm. Kim Ki-joong, who was selected as the second overall in the second round of the first round in 2021, has not yet fully established himself in the first division. Kim Bum-soo and Jung Woo-ram are the only two built-in left-handers in the first division this season. The task is to resolve the imbalance between the left and right sides of the mound in a situation where Kim Bum-soo is the only one in his 20s. 토토사이트

This is why Hanwha used both the top picks in the first and second rounds to nominate left-handed pitchers in the 2024 rookie draft held on the 14th. After calling the largest player, Jangchung High School left-hander Hwang Joon-seo, as the first overall player in the first round, he chose Jangchung High School left-hander Cho Dong-wook as the 11th overall player in the second round. Except for the right-hander, he has both top two nominees among left-handed pitchers.

Hwang Joon-seo, the No. 1 player overall, is immediately expected with a sense of power. Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho said, “A good player came in. It’s really nice to see you throw it in the spring. There is a restraint, and there is a control over it is also a control. He has a good pitching form, he said. “There is an advantage if the left-hander who throws the mid-140km range is controlled. “I think my ability to throw strikes is good,” he expected.

Hwang Joon-seo, who threw a fastball of up to 150 kilometers on the E-Mart boat in April, however, lost his speed along with his weight as he played the season. Compared to his 184cm tall height, he is skinny and is not yet complete. Choi Won-ho, head coach, said, “Scouts say that the speed has decreased a little in the middle of the season, but it is okay if there is no major problem with the body. It’s a part that could temporarily fall a little bit. When you enter a pro, you receive systematic training on your diet of about 6,000 calories a day. “Naturally, my body will get better soon,” he said, not worrying.

Left-hander Cho Dong-wook, who was selected in the second round, is also a promising player who has been continuously observed by the Hanwha scout team since the beginning of this year. He is 194cm tall and has a good ball tip movement in the third quarter. He had two wins, two losses and a 2.77 ERA in 17 high school games this year. He pitched 38⅔3 innings and struck out 40 and allowed 19 for Sasa-gu.

Coach Choi said, “When the scout team gives a briefing before the nomination, Cho Dong-wook may go out at the end of the first round.” He said, “If I don’t go out, I’ll definitely nominate him in the second round, that’s the best,” adding, “I’m going to take Cho Dong-wook with Hwang Joon-seo to the final camp in Miyazaki, Japan, after the season, and see him throw the ball in person.” Only then can we know how much it is compared to existing players and decide on next year’s spring camp list,” he said.

The position next season has opened up many possibilities. In the case of Hwang Joon-seo, it is classified as a typical starting style, but he plans not to lock himself in one framework. Coach Choi said, “If I do well, I will use it in the first division.” If you can’t make it to the starting lineup, you should think about it. If there is a spot in the first-tier bullpen, it can be used as a relief. It is not good to keep it in Futures until there is a starting position in the first division. In particular, first-round players have a hard time staying in Futures for a long time. If it is used only as a starter, the door of the first division can be closed. It is also okay to gain experience in the first division with the bullpen. Then, if there is a hole in the starting position, you may enter the starting position,” he said, adding that he will not limit his position from the start.

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