Internet Vikings Launches Multi-Tenant Cloud Hosting Product In Pennsylvania

Local authorities in Pennsylvania have approved Internet Vikings, an award-winning global iGaming hosting company, to launch its multi-tenant cloud hosting product in the state. The product distribution is another item on the provider’s checklist as it expands the size of Internet Viking’s customers and services in the U.S. iGaming and online sports betting markets.

Internet Viking has been on the market since 2008, and with headquarters in Stockholm and more than 50 employees in five countries, the company has since grown into a globally recognized iGaming and sports betting provider. The company’s portfolio includes cloud hosting across several major global markets.

Vikings’ services, such as hosting co-location, VMware hosting, managed hosting, and SEO hosting, are backed up by the Maltese subsidiary, where the vendor’s replication servers enable seamless, uninterrupted operations. 카지노사이트원

These services have now expanded to Pennsylvania with approval from local authorities, and Internet Vikings founder and CEO Rickard Vikström expressed satisfaction with the “Pennsylvania Game Control Board’s approval to operate a multi-tenant cloud hosting service in the state of Pennsylvania.”

The CEO’s content may come from the fact that Pennsylvania is recognized by the iGaming and sports betting industries as one of the few jurisdictions that allows for online betting coverage, namely online sports betting, online casinos and online poker. Another attractive fact comes from statistics showing that the state consistently ranks among the five highest-grossing states in the industry.

Rickard Vikström added, “This latest development is not only a significant benefit for Internet Viking, but it also enables our company to address the global hardware shortages currently facing the industry, and as a result, gives customers a competitive edge to enter the U.S. market faster.”

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