Incheon Munhak Stadium, the home stadium of SSG, about 50 wreaths were installed one after another, containing fans’ protests against the club.

In the modern wreath, there were phrases expressing dissatisfaction such as “23 years of rolling in two years” and “a baseball team that should not be in the world” along with a condolence saying, “I pray for the restoration of Incheon baseball.”

It also called for strict measures against the team’s manager, such as “resign all responsible persons,” “permanent number of Kim Kang-min, and permanent expulsion of the SSG front office.”

Kim, in his 30s, who said he was a baseball fan for 15 years, visited the scene wearing a SK Wyverns uniform, the predecessor of SSG. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“Due to the club’s clumsy response during the second draft, many fans are in a sense of loss by leaving the team legend,” he said. “I purposely wore SK uniforms to raise awareness on the team.”

Another fan pointed out, “I participated in the sending of wreaths because I thought veteran players could be neglected after seeing the incident,” adding, “The club should officially apologize and promise to prevent a recurrence.”

Earlier, SSG had to watch Hanwha appoint Kim Kang-min with the 22nd overall pick in the fourth round in the second draft of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) held on the 22nd.

SSG fans strongly criticized the club, saying it claimed to transfer Kim Kang-min to the 35-member protection list before the second draft.

In the case of Hanwha, before the draft, pitcher Jung Woo-ram was appointed as a playing coach to prevent other clubs from being nominated, but SSG did not take any action against Kim Kang-min.

SSG fans will continue their protest by keeping the wreath for three days from this day to the 1st of next month.

Meanwhile, Kim Kang-min recently announced his plan to extend his active duty through the Hanwha club, saying, “We are trying to show our strength again in the new team by keeping unconditional love and precious memories well.”

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