“I’m not going to Samsung” for a month. I caught Lim Chang-min’s sincerity

“I’m sorry. I don’t think I can go to Samsung.”

In the beginning of the FA negotiations, Lim received an offer from the Samsung Lions, but the two sides differed greatly. He declared to Samsung’s general manager, Lee Jong-yeol, that he would not be able to make it. As such, it seemed that the negotiations would collapse. However, Lee’s courtship continued. He called not only his agent but also his trainer and told them to “wait a little bit.” Lee’s request continued for more than a month. In the end, the two-year deal paid 800 million won in Samsung’s blue uniform. “It’s my style not to give up,” Lee said with a chuckle. 파친코

“Even the opposite sex would not be so tempting…” Lim smiled broadly, recalling the time. “I didn’t know it was so good that someone wanted me this much,” he said, expressing his gratitude for Samsung’s interest. Samsung players’ aggressive supportive shooting also played a part. “There was an article that we were negotiating with Samsung, but they weren’t having any negotiations at the time,” Lim said. His close friends such as Koo Ja-wook, Kim Tae-hoon, and Lee Sang-min kept contacting him and persuaded him, “When will he come? When I came to my senses, we became a team.” As if his clothes were wet, he moved his mind.

Currently, Im has been training in Daegu since last winter. Did he predict that he would go to Samsung? “Trainer Jeong Yeon-chang, who was the NC Dinos’ senior trainer, is in Daegu, so I have been training in Daegu since last winter,” Im said. “After 2022, I had a hard time due to injury, but I have gotten a lot better after working out with him. That was why I pitched well for the Kiwoom Heroes last year. I have been working out here again this year because of my good energy.” Coincidentally, Jeong was appointed as Samsung’s general training coach this winter. We will play together for Samsung in the new season.

How do you feel about this? “When I was a student, I had a strong image of Samsung, coached by Kim Eung-yong and Sun Dong-yeol, and when I was a pro, I had a strong image of Samsung, coached by Ryu Joong-il. Samsung has always been a team that played ‘advanced baseball’ recently, but it is bitter. I thought Samsung would never falter. I thought the team would change like this,” he said. “It’s not that the team didn’t make efforts, but I realized that people should not be complacent and that we should always improve.”

Samsung`s bullpen session was the worst in the league last year. Its ERA was 5.16, the worst among the 10 teams in the league. Lee Jong-yeol worked hard to strengthen the bullpen during the off-season, and he strengthened the back door by recruiting closer Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min as free agents. Rebuilding the bullpen session. Lim Chang-min has a heavy burden on his shoulders. “I don’t care about my job position,” Lee said of the closing competition with Kim Jae-yoon and Oh Seung-hwan. “I don’t think personal performance is meaningless for a veteran. I will make it my top priority to send my team to higher ground and go up with Samsung,” he said, renewing his commitment for the new season.

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