Illegal and unfair competitive advantage

Explaining the alleged violations, Running Ace said Treasure Island Resort & Casino had breached its gaming contract in the prior period of October 2023. In this case, the operator’s license was amended to include Class III card games. 파친코

On the other hand, although such games are absent from tribal national gambling agreements, the two Grand Casinos are currently offering Class III card games, including Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Holdum, Running Ace claimed in the lawsuit. Ultimately, the company said, “The violations gave the defendants’ casinos an illegal and unfair competitive advantage over Running Ace.”

Taro Ito, CEO of Running Aces, said the company wants to grow and operate in a fair market. He added that racetracks want to compete with others on a level playing field without worrying about the possibility of elimination. Finally, Ito said he wants to let the Running Aces present his concerns and facts and let the courts decide on the outcome.

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