Ichiro said, “First tension I’ve felt since WBC”

From the following year, the opponent will change. The girls’ high school selection team is a partner. And it goes on for three years.

Enjoying it in moderation? There is no such thing. Aren’t you already 50 lines old. If you exceed the limit pitch, you get pain all over your body. Calf, thigh, waist, shoulder, elbow. There’s no place that doesn’t hurt. Still, he doesn’t give up. He sits down, gets up, and throws again. He limps and takes the mound.

This is the impression of Ichiro, the founder of the event, Kobe Chiben’s owner, manager and coach, and ace pitcher.

“The tension I feel every time is beyond my imagination. Maybe it’s the first time since WBC. It’s a feeling I didn’t experience well even when I was a player. I play with my own limitations. It’s a very meaningful time.”

The batters who have faced such a pitcher also feel differently. This is the story of Kiyoshi Fujita, the son of the first chairman, who emphasized an apology to Korea, the chairman of Wakayama Chiben Academy. He also played as the designated hitter in the 14-0 loss.

“I can’t hit Ichiro’s ball. It’s an honor just to play. Most of all, I’m grateful that you do your best to deal with us until the end.” 안전놀이터

Nakajima Lisa, the coach of the girls’ high school team, says something similar. “Mr. Ichiro threw it with all his might. I’m so grateful for that. This valuable experience will be a great help to our players.”

Working hard to prepare. Doing your best. Giving everything when you’re on the ground. That it is respect for the other person. It’s something he’s been doing all his life. You have to protect it from the grass roots. That would be his message.

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