“I think I was warned on purpose”… ‘Man United captain’ Bruno, who missed the match against Liverpool, “I think it was intentional” shock captain appears

Manchester United lost 0-3 in the 16th round of the English Premier League (EPL) against Bournemouth at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, on the 10th (Korea time).

It was a shocking loss. Manchester United, which had upped the mood by winning 2-1 at the previous match against Chelsea, lost three goals in a slump against Bournemouth, which was ranked 15th before the match, before collapsing.

In addition to the loss to Bournemouth and poor performance, there was also a power vacuum. Manchester United will not be able to play in the next game, Liverpool, as captain Bruno was warned in the 39th minute of the second half when he was trailing 0-3. If he, a key resource in Manchester United’s attack, is absent, it is obvious that the gap between the two conflicting teams will widen further. Manchester United suffered a humiliating 0-7 loss in Liverpool last season.

The issue at hand was the shock claim that emerged after Bruno’s absence was confirmed. British sports bible reported on the 10th that “Richard Keith accused Brunu of being deliberately warned.” When asked if he thought he had been warned on purpose about Brunu’s warning situation, Keith, host of a non-sports football program, replied, “Yes.” He said, “For the last 10 minutes, Manchester United stopped playing often. I thought next week could be a bad day for the club. If the game were a heated moment, I wouldn’t have thought of any other scenario for his behavior.” He pointed out that the foul came from a situation where the flow of the game was already over.

“I think he knew that he was going to be suspended, and he also knew that he could miss the game. That’s how I sum up his situation. He’s not the captain, he’s not the leader,” he said, pointing out that Brunu may have intended enough and that those actions are why Brunu is not the leader of Manchester United.

This season, Brunu was constantly facing questions about his qualification as a captain, apart from Manchester United’s situation and performance. Roy Keane, a former Manchester United captain, also criticized Brunu’s appointment as a captain, and the controversy over the warning is expected to raise criticism about his qualification. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

In an interview after the Bournemouth defeat, Brunu said, “I apologize for the unacceptable performance. The fans are always behind us, so it is normal for them to boo and be disappointed at the game. All I have to say is sorry,” expressing his apology to the fans.

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