I got a giant box as a substitute starter for KIA! Park Chan-ho’s final hit, which defeated Ko Woo-suk, took the lead in a doubleheader after escaping from consecutive losses in KIA

KIA won 7-6 in the eighth inning, trailing 5-6 in one doubleheader game against LG in the “2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League” at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 9th. KIA (58 wins, 52 losses, and 2 draws), which escaped from consecutive losses, won the most important doubleheader game and set the stage for winning consecutive games. On the other hand, LG (70 wins, 45 losses, and 2 draws), which was the first to reach 70 wins in the league the previous day, failed to win three consecutive games, increasing the burden of two doubleheaders as an alternative starter.

KIA set the stage for victory on the day when Hwang Dong-ha, who started as an alternative starter, showed better-than-expected good pitching with two runs in 4⅓3 innings. From the first round of the doubleheader, a total of seven bullpen players, including Kim Dae-yu and Jung Hae-young, eventually won the game. In the batting line, Park Chan-ho was active with three hits, including the winning hit in the eighth inning. Hwang Dae-in had one home run and Na Sung-bum had one RBI, and Ko Jong-wook also went as a pinch hitter in the eighth inning and hit a decisive timely hit to do his part.

LG’s starter Lim Chan-kyu threw 98 pitches in 5⅔3 innings, allowing 6 hits and 4 runs (three earned runs). The must-win group collapsed. Jung Woo-young, Yoo Young-chan, and Ko Woo-suk, who were trusted, were all sluggish. In the batting line, leadoff Hong Chang-ki played with one hit, two walks, and two RBIs, while Park Dong-won had two hits, including a home run, and Oh Ji-hwan also had two hits. Moon Sung-joo also showed good performance with one hit, two walks, and one RBI, but it did not lead to the team’s victory.

LG, which took a breather by recording a winning series (2 wins and 1 loss) in three consecutive games during the week against KT, also won a big victory with a strong batting line on the 8th. All the main players also came out in one doubleheader game. Once he had one game, the psychological burden would be reduced ahead of two games, so he was determined to make sure he caught it. Right-hander Lim Chan-kyu was the starting pitcher.

On the other hand, KIA, which has been in a losing streak, also hit a back-to-back position. As a starter, right-hander Hwang Dong-ha, who is relatively familiar with daytime games in the Futures League, came out. Kim Tae-gun, the main catcher, showed that he also felt the importance of one game in one game. It was also unusual that Choi Won-joon, who had a bad batting sense, was missing, and Lee Woo-sung played as a starting left fielder. Both teams had some leeway in the bullpen to operate, so a fierce game was expected.

Initially, there was an evaluation that Lim Chan-kyu’s LG side was a little advantageous in the starting match-up. KIA’s substitute starter Hwang Dong-ha stepped up. It was his second start of the year. However, Hwang Dong-ha embarrassed LG by cooking the LG lineup, which is the strongest in the league. Even though all of the LG’s main hitters came forward, they rarely targeted Hwang Dong-ha.

Hwang Dong-ha cruised to the third inning. He finished the first inning with three batters, and in the second inning, he hit Moon Bo-kyung after one out, but also blocked a follow-up hit. In the third inning, he allowed Hong Chang-ki to walk after catching Moon Sung-joo and Park Hae-min, but handled Shin Min-jae with a fly ball to left field and neatly blocked the first three innings. There were no long hits allowed. On top of that, he kept most of the hits in the infield. 먹튀검증

Then KIA supported Hwang Dong-ha with the first run in the third inning. Leading player Hwang Dae-in’s bat spun vigorously. When the fourth change-up was concentrated in the 2B-1S, he did not miss it and connected it to a solo home run on the left wall. After one out, Park Chan-ho then got on base with an infield hit to third baseman. Third baseman Moon Bo-kyung failed to catch the ball at once. Kim Do-young stepped down with a fly ball to shortstop, but there was a troubleshooter Na Sung-bum. He hit a timely double next to the right fielder. Park Chan-ho, a fast first baseman, diligently ran home.

Hwang Dong-ha made LG nervous by cooking Kim Hyun-soo, Austin, and Moon Bo-kyung all with Bum-ta in the fourth inning. On the other hand, KIA added a score in the fourth inning. As the lead Socrates hit a right-center double, a sacrifice bunt operation came out to Kim Sun-bin. It was his determination to score points one by one. KIA then added one point as LG shortstop Oh Ji-hwan failed to catch Lee Woo-sung’s hit in the third base with one out. It wasn’t a difficult hit, but Oh Ji-hwan also had a day to fall off the tree.

However, LG, the league’s leader, could not just stay. He launched a counterattack in the fifth inning, trailing 0-3. Leadoff Oh Ji-hwan hit a right-handed hit, and Park Dong-won supported it with a left-handed hit. Moon Sung-joo then recovered one point by hitting a timely hit in front of the center fielder. Park Hae-min continued his chance with a sacrifice bunt with one out and runners on second and third base.

KIA changed Hwang Dong-ha and put Kim Dae-yu on the mound. When the batting order reached three laps, he changed it. Kim Dae-yu allowed Hong Chang-ki to make a sacrifice fly, but did not lose any additional points. There was no reversal.

Then KIA launched a counterattack in the sixth inning with a 3-2 lead. The LG mound and Jung Woo-young were somewhat cluttered. After two outs, Lee Woo-sung hit a double next to the left fielder. LG lowered starter Lim Chan-kyu and put Jung Woo-young in, but it did not control well. Hwang Dae-in picked out a walk. Kim Tae-gun then hit a timely hit to the right and added one point. And one more runner came home with an absurd wild pitch during Park Chan-ho’s at-bat. KIA took a 5-2 lead and seemed to take the lead.

However, LG’s potential was still strong. He pushed KIA like a storm in the seventh inning, trailing 2-5, reversing both the score and atmosphere of the game. After one out, Park Dong-won hit a solo home run over the left wall and recovered one point. It was the first time he became an LG 20-home run catcher since Cho In-sung in 2010. Moon Sung-joo and Park Hae-min then picked up consecutive walks and continued the flow. Park Hae-min revived when the foul tip strikeout decision was overturned after a video review.

KIA tried to protect the lead by putting in Jeon Sang-hyun after Lim Ki-young and Lee Joon-young, but Hong Chang-ki hit a timely hit to the right and chased by 4-5, one point. LG’s aggressive base play shone here. Hong Chang-ki began to play at second base, and the relay play also headed to second base. After seeing this, third baseman Park Hae-min boldly started and ran home. The ball at second base headed home, but Kim Tae-gun’s tag, Park Hae-min, swept the home first. It was a 5-5 tie at once. The video replay saved Park Hae-min, and the Park Hae-min threw a fatal punch at KIA.

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