“I felt the importance of the Taegeuk mark.”

Jung Ji-seok (29, Korean Air), the nation’s best outside heater, has returned to the national team for the first time in a year with a heavy responsibility.

Jung Ji-seok was suspended for one year by the Korea Volleyball Association on May 6 last year, and in September 2021, he was investigated by law enforcement agencies for charges of dating violence and illegal filming of his ex-girlfriend.

Since then, Jung Ji-seok has been suspended from prosecution after agreeing with the complainant, and the association’s disciplinary action has ended, and Lim Do-heon, head coach of the men’s volleyball team, selected Jung Ji-seok as an additional entry ahead of his 2023 Asian Volleyball Federation (AVC) Challenger Cup in Taipei, Taiwan, in July. 바카라

Jung Ji-seok, who will wear the Taegeuk mark again in a year, said in an interview with reporters ahead of the men’s volleyball open training held at Jincheon National Training Center in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 21st, “I think it’s an honor to be given another chance.”

In response to the recent slump in men’s volleyball in international competitions, Jung Ji-seok said, “There will be a burden on me and other players who have played for the national team,” adding, “Even if you feel pressured, it is a problem to overcome.”

As the national team’s generational change began ahead of the tournament, Jung Ji-seok felt responsible for the slump in men’s volleyball as a senior and said, “Young players haven’t experienced many international competitions yet, but it’s a pity that they started from the moment they fell into a recession.

As the team’s age group has decreased, Hwang Taek-ui (28, KB Insurance), who is one year younger than Jung Ji-seok, will also be the captain, and Jung Ji-seok said, “In the past, I had no choice but to drag the ice box with (Hwang) Taek-ui, but now I think it has changed a lot.”

He said, “I want to try to be a captain, but I think it’s right for the setter to do it,” adding, “It’s friendly to see the sign and etc. posted on the Internet, and I think I need to help hard.” Although he is not a captain, he is determined to lead his juniors well as he is a senior.

Hwang Taek-ui and Kim Myung-kwan (27, Hyundai Capital), who played setter positions, were cited as notable juniors, and Jung Ji-seok said, “There are so many that it is difficult to point out only one, but if I have to pick one, I want to say that Korean setters and (Han) players are irreplaceable, but I want to throw them away from that perception.”

Han (38, Korean Air), a teammate and top setter, was not on the list due to the generational change of the national team, but coach Lim is open to the possibility of additional selection of veterans, including Han, at the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games in September

Jung Ji-seok, who returned to the national team after a year, changed his back number from No. 10 to No. 8, and Na Kyung-bok (30, KB Insurance) took No. 10 while Jung Ji-seok was away.

In response, Jung Ji-seok joked, “Last year, Kyungbok (B) said on the phone, ‘My younger brother wrote me a letter 10 times,’ adding, “I didn’t think I could make it to the national team at the time,” adding, “But I couldn’t play with the military eight times.”

He expressed his determination to wear the Taegeuk mark after many twists and turns, saying, “The Taegeuk mark was originally heavy, but once I made a mistake and came back, I felt more careful and precious,” adding, “I won many titles in my team, but most importantly, I want to work together to revive men’s volleyball.”

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