Hwang Young-mook, designated by Hanwha, will play the last game of the independent league

Hwang Young-mook (23) of Yeoncheon Miracle, who first showed his earnestness for baseball through the KBS Youth Baseball Team, will play in the final game of the independent league.

An official from Yeoncheon Miracle told MHN Sports, “We decided to play in the last game of the independent league that (Hwang) Young-mook will play on the 19th.”

With this, Hwang Young-mook will challenge his 200 hits in his personal career in the last game of the independent league. Yeoncheon coach Lee Jung-ki said, “Just before the draft, (Hwang) Young-mook hit exactly 199 hits. “With one hit left, it ended with a cold game of rainfall.” Moreover, the game, which was reorganized as the independent league was postponed to rain, coincidentally overlapped with the recording date of the strongest baseball.

As a result, Hwang Young-mook will be able to keep his “loyalty” to Yeoncheon Miracle, which allowed his talent to blossom in earnest after dropping out of college. He also got the opportunity to build a golden tower of 200 hits in the independent league.

Regarding Hwang Young-mook’s joining as a professional, KBS PD Son Sung-kwon, who scouted him for the first time on the show, told MHN Sports, “He is a player who is not only good at his skills but also wants to give him a big score on his sincerity. So, there may be difficulties in adapting in the early days of professionals, but I believe it will work in the end. Hwang Young-mook himself sent a congratulatory message, saying, “I want you to know that it is a result of my father’s dedication.”

Jo Boo-gyeom, who appeared on the show with Hwang Young-mook and first joined LG as a batting ball pitcher, also said, “I was thinking that (Hwang) Young-mook would definitely be nominated in this year’s draft. As expected, I think that the possibility of (Hwang) Young-mook Lee Hyung was recognized as he was nominated in the early order of Hanwha. “I hope we can come up to the first division quickly and meet at the stadium,” he said, delivering a small wish. 스포츠토토

Before joining the professional league, the final game of the 2023 Gyeonggi-do Independent League, which could be Hwang Young-mook’s retirement game, will be held at 1:30 p.m. on the 19th at Konjiam Team-Up Campus Baseball Stadium in Gyeonggi-do. Yeoncheon Miracle’s opponent is Gapyeong and Wales.

However, Hwang Young-mook himself has a strong will to play until the playoffs, so it is also necessary to coordinate the recording schedule with his new team, Hanwha Eagles, and JTBC’s strongest baseball team.

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