However, it is regrettable that some soccer fans also call it “Tottenham font.”

Tottenham released a video on the club’s SNS on the 22nd. It is an event where first-team players take Christmas gifts one by one ahead of training. It is a scene where the team staff prepared a large pocket, and the players who went to work put their hands in and take them one by one.

On the other hand, players donate their belongings. It was a heartwarming event to celebrate the end of the year. Son tore open the wrappers here and there and received a navy Tottenham baseball cap. “Nice hat,” Son said, expressing his satisfaction. 온라인카지노사이트

Among the gifts the players received was a beanie (a hat without a beanie) emblazoned with “Tottenham Hotspur” written in Korean. According to the video, the two players chose the beanie. They were Guilimo Vicario, the Italian national team player who clearly established the status of the starting goalkeeper through stellar defense after joining Tottenham this season, and Hicharlisson, a striker who scored multiple goals in the recent official match to boost goal-getting ability and revive the team.

Both of them smiled pretty while taking off their hats and wearing “Korean beanies.” However, the Korean alphabet “Tottenham Hotspur” included in the beanie makes Korean fans feel sorry for them. It was a thin Gothic font that I couldn’t ask for. There are also many pretty Korean fonts, but Korean fans shouted “No!” as the font that seems to have been written a long time ago got into their hats.

In particular, this font is even more like a nightmare because it was inserted when Tottenham sold a “Son Heung-min” T-shirt with a Korean name a few years ago. In 2019, Tottenham came up with an idea when Son Heung-min’s shirt was sold as if it were flying in the club’s store, and put “Son Heung-min” on top of the number 7 of the English adult SON to sell it in bulk.

However, there were loud voices of regret as the thin Gothic font looked too rustic to Korean fans. Its font has reappeared on the beanies of Vicario and Hicharlisson. In particular, it seems to be more comparable to the Korean uniform recently made by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for away games.

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