How does this affect UK slots?

Slot games with feature-buying mechanics are still available to play on the usual UK-facing slot site, but you’ll need to disable them or remove them from the game to comply with UK regulations. This means that the only way players can get to a bonus round is to take a longer route and try your luck collecting bonus symbols. For slot developers, more restrictions followed in 2021 (details below), though that didn’t mean much at the time, and further changes to UK gambling laws are expected from the upcoming gambling review.

Recent Slot Rules
In 2021, the UKGC issued new guidelines for slot developers, including rules such as not celebrating losses, a minimum gap of 2.5 seconds between spins, and automatic play being removed because players cannot track their total spending. At the same time, the committee banned reverse withdrawals and said operators must mark a player’s total loss or victory and time in online slot sessions.

In 2022, the British government is set to update the 2005 Gambling Act for the modern internet industry. This will bring more widespread changes across the industry with potential economic checks, budgets per player and other new rules for slots. 스포츠토토

Feature Purchase Alternative
Slots sites that offer feature-by-slots for British players are not licensed by the UKGC and pose a huge risk to the players. While feature-by-slots may be a thing of the past, new and exciting games are still released every month, continuing the powerful pace of innovation in the slot industry. These immersive titles, albeit outdated, offer plenty of opportunities for high-thrill players to reel off and start bonus rounds.

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