House approves ban on online casino billing

U.S. lawmakers have banned online poker and other forms of Internet gambling. Lawmakers approved a bill that would prevent banks and credit card companies from repaying debts incurred on gambling websites by a vote of 317 to 93.

“…U.S. Rep. Bob Gudrate, one of the bill’s main sponsors, argued ahead of Tuesday’s House vote that the bill would help clean up the “blasphemy against Congress” left by disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

“Abramoff lobbied against the bill on behalf of an online lottery company in 2000.

“However, this year’s version included exceptions to online lottery tickets.

“The U.S. Senate will have to pass a similar bill before it becomes law. 온라인카지노

“…the effort to ban internet gambling is hurting millions of Americans who go online each year to bet on poker, casino games and sports tournaments,” critics say.

“…there are about 70 million Americans playing poker right now, of which about 23 million are playing online, according to the Poker Players Association.

“The group has lobbied a lot against the House bill. It argues that the measure would violate Americans’ personal freedom by having banks and credit card companies monitor online transactions of cardholders…”

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