Holland’s father shocked by Messi’s award→Failed to manage his expression…”How much better does my son have to do?”

FIFA announced the FIFA Player of the Year award for Messi on the 16th (Korea time) while hosting “The Best FIFA Football Awards” in London, England. Messi won his eighth FIFA Player of the Year award, including the FIFA-Ballon d’Or, where the FIFA Player of the Year award and Ballon d’Or were integrated. Holland, who led the treble (triple crown) along with Manchester City’s victory in the UEFA Champions League last season, was also expected to win the FIFA Player of the Year award once again.

Britain’s The Sun introduced the atmosphere of the award ceremony, saying, “Holland’s father was angry when Messi beat Holland to win the FIFA Player of the Year award.” Holland’s Abidji Alfie Holland, who played as a soccer player during his active career, played for Manchester City from 2000 to 2003, and his son Holland is also playing for Manchester City following his father’s footsteps.

Holland led Manchester City’s treble with 52 goals and 9 assists in 53 matches last season. Holland was the top scorer in both the Premier League and the Champions League with his amazing performance. Alfie Holland, Holland’s father and a Manchester City player, couldn’t hide his frustration after Messi’s victory was confirmed. The broadcast camera captured Alfie Inge frowning and making a firm face while people at the ceremony applauded Messi’s win. 토토사이트 순위

The media outlet said, “The fact that Holland did not receive a single award after winning all the competitions is one of the biggest robberies in soccer history. Holland had to win the award. Messi is a legend, but Holland broke the scoring record in the new league and achieved the treble. What more should Holland do? If Holland led Norway to the World Cup title and Messi made the treble, who would have won the Ballon d’Or and FIFA’s player of the year award?” and introduced the reactions of the fans who were disappointed at Holland’s failure to win the award.

Messi and Holland had a tight race in the voting for FIFA’s Player of the Year award, which was conducted through votes from captains of national soccer teams around the world, coaches, media, and fans of FIFA member countries. According to the vote for FIFA’s Player of the Year award, Messi and Holland had the same total score of 48 points each. Messi scored 13 points in the votes of national team captains, ahead of Holland, who had 11 points. In the votes of soccer fans around the world, Messi scored 13 points and Holland scored 11. In contrast, Holland had 13 points to lead Messi with 11 points in votes and media votes among national team coaches around the world.

Messi and Holland tied in the vote for the Player of the Year award, while Messi won the Player of the Year award by winning more first votes from the captains of national teams due to FIFA regulations. While the number of people who participated in the vote selected the first to third rankings in the Player of the Year award vote, Messi won the first votes from captains of national teams playing in big European clubs such as Mbappe (France), Son Heung-min (Korea), Kane (England), Salah (Egypt), Modric (Croatia), and Valverde (Uruguay).

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