Holland Casino Struggling With Pandemic

The Dutch state casino was doing well before it was closed. Players started visiting casinos more and spending more time. Sales were gradually increasing, and before quarantine, sales were up 7%. But the pandemic has destroyed all earnings because Holland Casino had to close its venues from March 13 to July 1.

The recent reopening also did not help save the situation. The operator was allowed to open casino doors for visitors, but took certain safety measures set by the government. Although the locations are now operating, it will not affect the overall financial status of the company. According to its CFO, it had a lot of liquidity during the lockdown. The casino’s net loss after the corporate income tax was estimated at 28.3 million euros, and it earned 32.5 million euros the previous year. 토토사이트

The first half of 2020 saw losses as Holland Casino’s sales fell 58.7% (EUR 146.3 million) from 2019. Casino executive admits COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on company and lost revenue during lockdown.

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