Hogan backs possible public probe into BC casino’s money laundering plan

Prime Minister John Hogan shared that a public inquiry may be needed to determine how the illegal money laundering scheme reached casinos in British Columbia. It has become one of the hottest issues in the state.

Speaking at a news conference yesterday, Hogan, former deputy chief of the Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), said he did not rule out the possibility of an investigation being carried out to reveal more details about the money laundering plan. Former Deputy Commissioner of the Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Peter Jerman called the local casino a “launderer” for illegal money laundering schemes when the report on the matter was published.

Mr Hogan said the findings contained in the German report were “absolutely appalling” and shared that many questions related to these foul plans have arisen over the past 16 years, referring to a time when British Columbia was ruled by local Liberals.

As a casino report revealed last week, Mr. Jerman’s report was released last week, along with some revelations about the flawed regulatory framework for casino gambling that allowed casino venues in the state to not only become a tool for large-scale money laundering, but also dominate other sectors of the state’s economy. When the findings of his report were released, Mr. German also called for further investigation into the matter, especially when it comes to more vulnerable sectors of the BC economy, including real estate.

Property sector could be affected by money laundering, attorney general says
The prime minister said he had discussed the matter with local finance minister Carol James and British Columbia attorney general David Evey. According to him, there will be some movement on the issue in the coming weeks.

As mentioned earlier, he also supported the idea of a possible public inquiry to hold accountable. In addition, Mr Hogan said he, Ms James and Miss Evie all share concerns related to money laundering in the real estate sector. 카지노사이트 순위

Earlier, the British Columbia attorney general said in an interview that he was working with the finance minister when it came to a new phase of the review. He also explained that the focus of casino review was easy to establish because authorities had extensive information and evidence. This is because it was much easier for investigators to define the seriousness of the problem and propose some measures to correct the situation.

As the casino report said earlier, Mr Evey said money laundering could also affect other sectors of the local economy, and real estate is one of the most likely targets of such illegal activities.

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